Taken caution!!!

Our sighting of the moon in Nigeria is different from that of every other place according to majority of the scholars.

However, every Muslim in the country is under the authority of the Sultoon of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’d Abubakar except the one who disobeys him. And whosoever disobeys the sultoon in righteousness disobeys the Messenger of Allaah.

Don’t be too forward oh honored slave of Allaah!! If you sight the moon, then inform the sultoon and don’t cause any nuisance as a result.

So, wait for the sultoon!!!

Meanwhile, don’t let the statistically and mathematically oriented Muslims choose the date of ‘eid for you.

Indeed your Messenger has commanded sighting the moon or counting the days of the month to make 30 (while ‘eid follows the next day).

Follow the Prophet and the Sultoon. This is where the sweetness of eemaan lies.

BaarokaLlaahu feekum.

Faarooq Aleem Al-Egbaawiy


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