Christian apologists employ all techniques to win souls for Christ. They go as far as using natural phenomena like death and calamity to convince one to become a Christian though they occur in the church.

They are quick to point out that someone who is a non-christian died because he exposes the truth about the bible and the church. When bro Akbar Sidi died in his 70s, facebook Christian apologists celebrated his death to the glory of Christ.

When a crane fell in Saudi Arabia killing some and injuring others, the comments of many Christian evangelists were shocking. many said, “Allah cannot save”, some said, “where is Allah?”. When synagogue collapsed and of recent, a church in Uyo killed many people after its collapse, they didn’t ask where is Jesus.

Not long ago, I wrote an article narrating the number of road accidents I have been involved in from January to December and AlhamduliLlah, nothing evil happened. I remember beseeching Allah that no one from amongst notable people who do Da’wah should die till either one or all of the Christian apologists die or embrace Islam if He wills so that when any of us die, there won’t be room for mockery that lukewarm Muslims will not ignorantly see Islam as an abode of death or calamity when in reality, they are natural phenomena.

As Allah willed, Cazzie Hassan, someone who hates Islam and Muslims to the core, a renowned facebook apologist died yesterday.

However, this is not intended to mock the dead but that they will know that death is a certainty not a price. Allah says,

Surat Ali ‘Imran [verse 185] – “Every soul will taste death…”

” verily, to your Lord is the return of all” Qura’n 96:8

“for to Us(Allah) is the return of man, then it will be for Us to call them to account” Qur’an 88 verses 25-26 (Interpretation of the meaning)

Death is a certainty, an inevitable event and “do not die except as a Muslim”.

First published in 2016

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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