AlhamduliLlah, at, we have taken another step in bringing pristine Islam closer to the people in a world where rationalists, modernists and liberals are the representatives of the Deen in the sight of non-Muslims. Earlier, we stated our intent to make the website available for scholars of the deen who are on the Qur’an and Sunnah based on the understanding of the pious predecessors and how to contribute our own quota in seeing to the psychological, spiritual and financial challenges of reverts to Islam. To the glory of Allah, we have added new sections to the website. These are the sections we now have on the website;


  • Articles on Islam

This section is for articles on Islam from a generalized perspective.

  • Comparative Religion

This section contains articles on comparative religion. This is an attempt to equip visitors with knowledge of comparative religion as a defense against the never-stopping bishops, evangelists, rabbi and adherents of other faiths that have taken it upon themselves to attack Muslims.


  • News on Islam

This section brings to us news going on in the Muslim World. It also addresses plots of the islamophobes, their activities and updates us on how these issues are being dealt with.


  • Rebuttals

This section is a home to hundreds of rebuttals to lies and propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Articles that correct misleading headlines to disparage Islam and Muslims.


  • Islamic Poems

Unlike music, poems are permissible in Islam. Visitors can find beneficial poems in this section. We pray this would reduce if not eradicate people’s love for music.


  • The Reverts’ Corner

This is a newly added section for reverts to Islam. We think that we cannot ignore people once they embrace Islam. After lots of deliberations as regards having a functioning plan for reverts, we came up with this section as a little contribution from us. This Reverts’ corner has three sub-categories,

_ Reverts’ Spiritual Challenges

For someone who was not never a Muslim, having to wear the Khimar or Niqob, observe solah at their proper times, memorizing adhkars might be challenging. This sub-section was created to look at the spiritual challenges of reverts and how to help them overcome it.

_ Reverts’ Psychological Challenges

Last year, we initiated “Host a Revert” for reverts who have to celebrate ‘Eid alone and we are continuing this year, In Shaa Allah because we know ‘Eid alone could be depressing. This section looks into the psychological implication of being a revert, addresses it and ways to overcome this challenges. We know that many reverts just need someone to talk to, they need a place to belong to, home away from home and Muslims to call their brothers and sisters.


_ Reverts’ Financial Challenges

Visitors can visit this sub-section to read articles purposely for the sake of soliciting for reverts who have verified problems. This is not limited to health or hunger issues, there are many reverts who are old and willing to go to madrasah but the thought of how to sustain their family is challenging. It is worthy to note that many of them lose their jobs once they embrace Islam.


  • Islamic Scholars Arena

A careful study of the lives of many Muslims and non-Muslims would bring us to the conclusion that many preachers and “Islamic Singers” are known more than Islamic Scholars, the former not going beyond the circle of students of knowledge. In an attempt to bring the works of scholars closer to the people, we have created this section with sub-sections.


For now, the sub-sections we have for the Islamic Scholars Arena  are;

_ Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahab’s Collections

_ Sheikh Ibn Baaz’s Collections

_ Sheikh ibn Al-Uthaymeen’s Collections

_ Sheikh Al-albanee’s Collections


These sub-sections also have categories under them. We are looking forward to contents and also other present Scholars we can add to the list. We hope to get contents including their books, videos and audios that would be posted in the categories under the sub-sections for each of the Islamic Scholars.


  • Sahih Hadeeth Collections

This section is for publishing authentic hadeeths. It has two sub-sections; Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.




At , enlightening Muslims and Non-Muslims about pristine Islam is our priority. We are Muslims on the Qur’an and Sunnah based on the understanding of the pious predecessors and we are not apologetic about it. Meanwhile, we have no affiliation wit the takfereeyyah or those who are out to label those they think are not of the same ideology with them.


We do things together with non-Muslims, liberals, Modernists and Rationalists with extremists kept at a distance. We do things with them not because we are compromising but because we believe that those who are sick need doctors not those and this does not hinder us from telling them what pristine Islam is all about.


It is our hope that in years to come, many Muslims will understand their religion, practicing based on the Qur’an and Sunnah not of whims and desires. We envisage a world where non-Muslims will not consider Muslims to be repugant or retarded. A world where they would gather to write lies and propaganda against Islam and one of them would say, “remember those guys”

All articles on are free to be used and distributed. Those who want to place adverts on the website can get in touch with us.

Welcome, to a future that begins today! May Allah accept these humble efforts as acts of ‘Ibaadah. Ameen


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (CEO,



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