AKHIRA; Are you prepared?
The earlier the better it is for you to realize that the certificates you pursue so badly are only enough for you to put food on your table, buy you clothes and cars but definitely not your ahkira.
The earlier the better you begin to pursue your ahkira the best for you in this duniya. Look around you, you have lost at least three people near to you, older; younger or mates. They thought they would live longer too and weren’t prepared enough just like you.
The earlier the better you begin to reflect on the past sins and ones you about to commit and what benefits they have added to the scale you will present in front of the Creator of the universe. Who knows when exactly death will come?? Give up! Let go!! And await the reward of your Lord for His promises are not vain. Will you not think?
The earlier the better you realize that you will be raised in the position of your last deed. The last time you promise to engage in that sinful act can be your end.
The earlier the better you realize that nothing! Absolutely nothing!! Dad, mum, siblings, spouse(s), cars, wealth, friends will sleep with you for just a single night in the grave the better. Start pleasing Allah and Allah alone.
Do always remember the day the whole of mankind will stand in front of the creator of the universe, and the sun will be lowered and the brain will boil! The day of utmost distress when nothing else counts except the weight of your deeds. RETHINK, REFLECT, REPENT and await the REWARD of your LORD.

Aaminah Qasim @ knowislam.com.ng


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