The fact that Hafsoh Oluwadamilare Mhz Mani is not my Daughter doesn’t mean Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma

My family ACADEMY, needs no introduction to hit DEMY…

If you need a Black Berry, You can ask Mrs. Arogundade, Philanthropist Are Sulaiman Are Sulaimon Abiodun or my Sweet Ruqoyah.

Who says we don’t Pray? When we’ve got Icon Abdulhakeem Olayide Tajudeen and Mhiz Okunlaya Hassanat that tells us not to go Stray…

We are so blessed that we even produced Rev. Frankman Jomo, a dedicated muslim that usually fast in the month of Shawwal,

If na lie, ask Sister Fatimah or Brother Olaoluwa Yusuf⁩,

I still recall when ⁨Brother Yusuf Ganiyu became Disconected, We confided in our Prof. based in Miami,

Our precious Hafsoh which is not Salami, so that things would not be Discongested…

How can I forget Mrs Bolatito Fifunmi, and Mrs. Fatimah Fatima Sulaimon Animashaun, Our precious Mumsicracy, for I would never forget cute Delicacy,

How can I omit Adebola Animashaun (Debany) that loves to practice his Deen,

When I have a great BOND in Hassan Nurudeen, and Johnson⁩ Abdulazeez Ayomide,

Even a Fake king deserves an OLORI,
because Mr & Mrs. Animashaun were part of the old Colony….

We’ve got Mr. SURUDARA from KWARA, he’s a SCHOLAR full of SWAGA,

Talk of a beauty Queen is Shakirah Toyin⁩, everly looks like a new born Baby,

My family surely supports AC (Acadip Connect, for in our midst we’ve got the great SC – (Shomolu Connect….

This reminds me of my favourite Station, and ⁨Funsho⁩ Funsho Ibn Animashaun for his love for Play Station,

It’s simply called Ogunwo Ephem, simply fantastic and it’s the real Ponkuem!

Europe at Winter, you can ask Sister. Fatimah O Victoria…

It’s simply full of SNOW, but with a cup of tea you’ll begin to FLOW,

Who says Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman⁩ “My GP”,
is not better than their VP …?

Because my Brother’s name is Nurudeen Hassan, Who never stays Afar,

I would never stop reciting my Askar,

I’m as happy as the Big Boyo, Wao! and remains as joyous like my friend called BAYO,

Remember today is not the wedding of Johnson⁩, but wait till Weekend you’ll cast many Demons…

All the Ibrahims are too Gbask, With Allah’s RAHMATs’l, they remain Kinky,

Any family that’s blessed with my beloved Hassan Taiwo, needs not find it’s blessings by going as far as Cairo,

If your name is not here, you can ask Ninu and I’m sure she will tell you not to Binu….

May God bless my brother called AB – AbdulWasii Balogun, Not forgetting Sister ⁨Khadijah Bint Maruf⁩,

…..And if there is need to name our King, we certainly give it to Ustaz Yusuf Adepoju⁩, the head of the Ring,

I know you think I’ve forgotten my Olori Apon Badmus Muh’Awwal Tunde Uptown⁩, and Sweetest Sister Aishat Adepoju⁩,

What about Mrs. ArogundADE, the rightful heir to our Golden ADE,

Because she’s good at everything including when she eats EDE, and she’s not corrupt like Mrs. Patricia ETE….

Please pardon me if your name is missing…

There are just too many important names that becomes practically difficult to include… Thanks


Courtesy – HasSan Ibn Maruphdeen (06198929)


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