A Response to Omojuwa by Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

“National Church completed in 2005, National Mosque completed 1984. National Library under construction since 2006” – Omojuwa

You see this is why i hate twitter. Based on a 150 words restriction you can say all the nonsense you can concise and get away with it.

1. There is a library inside both the national Mosque and the “National Church”. Matter of the fact the latter has a school in it also.

2. National Libraries are all over Nigeria. Tthere is even an Headquarter in Abuja. What is being proposed is a permanent site for its headquarters.

3. This permanent site for the National library is to cost 17billion naira as at the time of Professor Rufai, note that it was supposed to go for 8 billion just some years before that, this means we will be talking nothing less than 34 billion naira. In comparison the National Church was built for 2 billion naira. How the church or the Mosque is the best comparison for a project worth 15 times its cost is amazing.

4. The National Library claims it spends 70% of its allocation (being about 4 billion) yearly on its new site, yet the site is not complete. If it was the Mosque or the Church that was not complete for this long i am sure the same person would have said the Library is completed but the so called religious people have been eating the money for their own place of worship.

Closet Atheists are in the habit of nagging about religion. When the Jonathan Government promised illicit and immoral movie producers a grant of 200 million dollars we didn’t hear noise. But if he gives 2 kobo to religious people these Closet Atheists will start complaining even when the 2kobo have been used to create an institution that will be in existence for another 100 years sheltering, feeding and training people with revenue it will generate internally. These folks are not interested in any library project, they are just pained that religion exists.


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