Any attempt to equalise the male and the female genders will be a rude denial of nature. If it is generally believed that the man is much stronger than the woman; that the husband is the head of the family from whom the wife takes orders; that the boy, not the girl-child, should rather be saddled with energy-demanding chores; that soldiers be led in war by the man, not the lady, then gender, axiomatically, unequivocally has never and can never be equal.

Many people fall for anything ideated by the west without recourse to a second thought and/or rethink. They give their hearts to any western ideology hook, line and sinker, not minding the potential cons such portends for them.

If only the God-gifted reasoning distinguishing the human from the animal could be judiciously explored, one would crystally see that there is no how gender can ever be equal. It is not deniable that there are innumerable things in the strength of the man that the woman cannot attempt, let alone doing it, just as the woman has got the nature to carry out certain numberless phenomena which aren’t in the strength of the man. How then is gender equal?

In the home, someone has to be the orderer, while others be the ordered. Nature has designed it such that if the woman is the orderer, the home will end up shattered and torn apart. It’s been so perfected that the man gives the orders, while the woman implements them. Any attempt to do it the other way is sinequanon to failure from genesis.

Maybe the proponents of gender equality actually meant to tout the woman’s rights, respect and dignity. If my assumption were correct, I would be the first to champion the cause, for my religion, Islam, emphasises the fundamentality of the woman’s dignity, especially while under the principalship of her husband.

By nature, gender isn’t equal.




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