In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

All the cardinal doctrine of Christianity that is rejected by Islam and the
controversy about the personality of Jesus Christ (May peace be
upon him) is the major difference between Islam and Christianity.
The trinity, the Divine Sonship of Christ, Original Sin, and a
torment which these dogmas are the result of over-exhaling Jesus
Christ above what Allah wants him to be.

The title” The Bible led me to Islam” by Br M.J.LeBianc, ails at
presenting a true picture of these doctrines to a true truth-seeker.
By reading this compiled research book corresponds to the
conviction that the more scientific and biblical studies advance.
The more the scholars and thinkers, who are still within the fold
of Christianity, will agree with Islam. This book should prove to
be a very valuable asset for both Muslim and Christians, and will
be an effective tool for Muslim propagator in our efforts to invite
the Christians to Islam, God willing conversely, Christians should
become more aware of what in fact the Bible says and what Jesus
son of Mary (May peace be upon him) actually taught, as a result of studying this book.


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