An Unbreakable bond surrounds the sisters;

The sisters in Islam.

A lofty height of love transcends

Among these great sisters;

The Sisters in Islam.

Unending care and generosity transpire

Around every sister;

The sisters in Islam

A great sense of spirituality embodies the sisters;

The sisters in Islam.


When the Dunya gives you a fall

They will always get you back

When everything go sour

They get you back on track.

They don’t need your money

To give charity to the needy

For charity is the sisters’ daily activity.

The bond of these sisters is unshakable;

The sisters in Islam.

They are women of substance

They are great mothers

They are women of bravery

They are awesome teachers

They are women of integrity

They are women of piety and dignity;

The sisters in Islam.

The courage of Khadijah

The strength of Aisha

The care of Haleemah

The wits of Rofiah

The calmness of Ruqoyah

The bravery of Ameenah

The gentleness of Fatimah

The tranquil of sekinah

And Mutimainah?

She is equally phenomenal.

These beautiful names are so uncountable

And they possess a meaning so Loveable.

The sisters do all they can

To help boost your Eeman

They obey Allaah in the Dunya

For His blessings in the aakirah.

The bond of these sisters Is greatly special

A blessing from Almighty Allah to Humanity is;


The sisters in Islam.





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