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Neptune Is Not Poseidon; RE: “Esu Is Satan Re: Revenge Of Bishop Ajayi Crowther” By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

During a live Facebook discussion between I and Akande Adeyemi Siraj on the topic, “Esu is not Satan”, he referred me to a refutation written by Ayo Turton, titled, “Esu Is Satan Re: Revenge Of Bishop Ajayi Crowther” against Remi Oyeyemi’s “Esu: The revenge of Bishop Ajayi Crowther“.

Ayo’s refutation inspired this article which is a rebuttal to his own refutation as well as a subtle response to Remi’s claim of revenge from Bishop Ajayi Crowther. At first, I felt it was unnecessary to write this rebuttal, but, I had a rethink. “If we have written refutations and clarifications to the lies of the West against Africa – slavery and underdevelopment, then, this article should be written for educational purposes and for any truth seeker to have pros and cons, then, draw his conclusion(s)”


The Revenge of Bishop Ajayi Crowther


In Remi’s article, he argued that Esu and the Biblical Satan are two different beings. Thus, It is wrong and misleading to translate Satan as Esu. Read his arguments here

According to him, Ajayi Crowther’s translation of Satan as Esu was more of emotions given the circumstances that surrounded his life. He wrote,

 I agree that the overzealous, newly converted Ajayi Crowthers of this world seemed to be willing tools in the hands of their masters because of their anger towards their kinsmen who sold them into slavery


      “The negative connotation given to the concept of Esu is essentially the handiwork of Bishop Ajayi Crowther. Considering all the circumstantial evidences and the Historical context of his life and times, it is evident that Bishop Crowther was out to take vengeance and in the course of doing so, he employed all tools at his disposal. His deliberate falsification of the Esu concept remains a stain on his brilliance and his legacy. He provided a tool for those who never had any understanding of Yoruba beliefs to continue to demonize, denigrate and defame such.”

While I agree that Ajayi Crowther was an overzealous Christian Missionary, I do not buy the idea that his decision to translate Satan as  Esu was an act of revenge. It is important to note that Ajayi Crowther was not sold, rather, he and his family were captured by Fulani slave raiders when he was twelve. Therefore, there is a very little chance that the translation was an act of vengeance, rather, an attempt to Christianize his people, give them a reason to fear someone the people are familiar with, bears semblance with his own Satan that Jesus came to conquer and Hallelujah follows.


More Mistakes/Fraud


A careful study of Ajayi Crowther’s translation of the English Bible to the Yoruba language would bring us to the conclusion that Satan to Esu was not the only mistake Ajayi Crowther made.

The book of numbers, which is the fourth book of the Bible was translated as Numeri by the Bishop. Which dialect his Numeri? None. If he could have translated to be Esu, why not render Numbers to be something like Onka? Numeri is the Latin name for the book of numbers in the Bible.

Also, in the Lord’s prayer, Evil was translated as Bilisi, from the Arabic word, Iblees (Arabicإِبْلِيس‎), a proper noun, from the Qur’an

But deliver us from evil – Sugbon gba wa lowo bilisi

Meanwhile, the same evil was translated as Ajalu in Isaiah 45:7

I make peace, and create evil  – mo mú àlàáfíà wá, mo sì dá àjálù

The same Hebrew word was used in both verses רָ֑ע rā‘; look up the verses in Hebrew – Isaiah 45:7 and The Lord’s prayer.


Replying Ayo Turton

Nothing was spiritually inspired in Ajayi Crowther’s translation


Refuting Remi’s claim of a revenge mission, Ayo wrote,

” …but any Yoruba language enthusiast will agree that the amount of sophistication, preciseness of language and ingenuity on display in the Yoruba Bible is amazing and must have been spiritually inspired with no room for petty vengeance mission

While I agree that the Satan – Esu fraud was not a revenge, i totally disagree that it was spiritually inspired. No! Ajayi Crowther was carrying out the orders of his Slave Masters. He was a tool in the hands of this people for ‘Christianization’ of the Yoruba people. What is spiritual about people who came to destroy physically and mentally, with the Bible. The works of Ajayi Crowther was a further colonization of the people. There is nothing spiritual about it.


Evil is a phenomenon, not a character

Reading through Ayo’s argument that Esu is Satan, I deduced that Ayo’s unified personification of evil is counterproductive. For him, if Esu is a “…trickster, a disguise artist, a mischief-maker, a rebel…a shape shifter…”, then, he must have been ‘The Devil”. To him, “grammatically speaking, Esu is no doubt the Devil” as he as traits of Satan has written in the Bible.

It is important that we know and understand what a Devil is. Yes! A devil, not The Devil. We do not have ‘The Devil’, rather we have Devils. Devil is the personification and objectification of an evil, hostile and a destructive force.

Different Cultures and traditions have different concepts of devil(s). That Iblees, Satan, Krampus, Mephistopheles etc., have similar attitudes does not make them one person. If we should pay attention to the similarities, how about the glaring differences? If we should, then, Jesus should be translated as Orunmila, “given the fact that Orunmila is proverbial, wise, calm, peaceful and forbearing as Jesus”


 Hagar was Abraham’s wife and God has no Son


In an attempt to give us the historical background of Islam and Christianity, Ayo wrote,

” In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12: 1-3, God gave Abraham three (3) promises, a promise of a new land, a great nation, a spiritual promise that “all families of the earth shall be blessed” through him. In Genesis 16, when Sarah failed to bear Abraham a child, he advised him to take their Egyptian maidservant Hagar who bore him a child named Ishmael.

The Quran record is similar, but has no record of Sarah, Abraham’s original wife that later bore Isaac. Whereas the Christians belief that they derived their association with God as children of covenant through Isaac the lineage of whom Jesus came from, the Muslim belief that their association is derived through Ishmael, the lineage of whom Mohammed (pbuh) came from, guess what, they are both right. This is why Christians would say they are children of God and Muslims would say we are servants of God.”


It is not incorrect that Hagar, an Egyptian was a slave to, then, wife of Abraham. Just like their Slave Masters, African Christians are masters at lying at distorting facts and history. When it comes to Hagar, Christians pretend that it is not in the Bible that Hagar was Abraham’s wife. We read,

 “And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife.”
                                   Genesis 16:3 (KJV)


It is unfortunate that Christians desperately try to ignore this fact. Meanwhile, if Hagar is worthless because she was a slave, then all African Christians who have this belief are also worthless since they used to be a slave of whites.

God has no Son. The Christians have been conditioned to believe this. If Hagar had been proven to be worthless, African Christians are worthless too and they have to accept a white Jesus, the so called Son of God so that they can become Sons, yet, they call themselves Civil servants but too proud to be slaves of God. Jesus was called God’s servants Matthew 12:18, Acts 3:13, Acts 3:26 and the Christians themselves, slaves of God in Romans 6:15-23.

Claims of terrorism

Ayo also wrote,

“The unceasing violence has been violence in Islamic world is also consistent with the Bible historical fact and prediction as recorded in Genesis 16: 11-12”

I am pretty sure that he wanted to refer to Israel. The terrorist activities of Israel are well recorded in the Bible. Rape, murder, pillage are what we know Israel for in the Bible till this day. We read from the Bible,


Samuel 15:3 New International Version (NIV)

Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’

While some are getting destroyed, Israel keeps destroying while their African slaves are so happy. Ayo also accused the “Islamic World” of violence but has forgotten that it was his American-Israeli forces that invaded Iraq in 2003. He accuses the middle east of violence and American soldiers have made the territory their home.


Their colonial masters are still at what they do best, but with the Bible in hand, an average Christian is a slave forever except he becomes conscious.

If Neptune is not Poseidon, Èṣù cannot be Satan 

One thing to note is that we are focusing more on the person, not on the character. Even if the character, there are many glaring differences.

Ayo referred to the bible and the Qur’an’s position on Satan. Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic religions and they share the same history. Both religions agree that Iblees and/or Satan,

– Disobeyed God

– Had contact with Adam and Eve

– He was cursed by God

– Had contact with Job

– Would be in Hell.


Beyond doubt, Iblees and Satan is one person even If there are other differences from the Qur’an and the Bible about his creation or attributes.

In comparing Èṣù with Satan, we will agree that they have similar attributes, e.g., deception, mischief, etc. etc… Shall we say Jesus is Orunmila because they share similar attributes?

Now, differences between Èṣù and Satan …

– Satan existed in the Middle East, Èṣù is a Yoruba deity

– Èṣù had been existing and worshipped before the white man came with his own Satan

– Did Èṣù leave Yoruba land to go tempt Jesus?

– Yoruba History says life started in Ilé-Ifẹ̀. When the “Kingdom of God suffered violence and the violent took it by force”, is it the middle east version or Yoruba land version?

– If Èṣù did not tempt or fight Orunmila nor any messenger of Olódùmarè, why was he waging war against Angel Micheal in a Jewish book and also tempted Jesus?

– God of the Bible had to die to save humans from the sin Satan caused Adam and Eve to fall into. Since Yorùbás used to have Èṣù, why did God send his Son to the middle east when Èṣù, the culprit is in Yoruba land.

– Èṣù eats ẹbọ while  Satan eats blood of Jesus. Haha!!!


For any seeker of the truth, avoid calling Satan, Èṣù. Call him Sátánì instead. I am not calling to the worship of Èṣù but, our freedom and independence is not complete till we take charge of our mental state, thought process and conscious of what we accept and/or believe.

Neptune and Poseidon are closer than Èṣù and Satan but the Romans and Greeks do not mix them up, not even for translation’s sake.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



The Bible led me to Islam continued


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Christians, as I once did, boast about the Gospels
According to Matthew, According to Mark,
According to Luke and According to John.
However, if we think about it, there is not a single
Gospel according to Jesus himself. 1o According to
the preface of the KJV New Open Bible Study
Edition, the word “Gospel” was added (see the
information below) to the original titles,
“According to John, According to Matthew,
According to Luke and According to Mark.”

At an early date this gospel was given the title Kata
Matthaion, “According to Matthew.” As this title
suggests, other gospel accounts were known at that
time (the word gospel was added later).4

The permission to call the “According to ”
writings the Gospel was not given by Jesus nor by
any other divine guidance. These writings;
Matthew, Luke, Mark and John were never
originally intended to be the Gospel. Therefore,
Mark 1: 1 can not be a true statement that his
writing is the gospel of Jesus.

It should be mentioned that Muslims must believe
in all Divine Scriptures in their original fonn, their
Prophets and make no distinction between them:
The Suhuf (Abraham); Torah (Moses); Psalms
(David); Gospel – or the Injeel (Jesus); and, the
Quran (Mohammed). It is clearly stated in the
Quran 3:3 that Allah sent down the Torah and the
Gospel. ,However, none of these scriptures remains
in its original form now, except the Quran, which
was sent for all mankind everywhere and for all

In addition to other reasons why the Quran was
sent to mankind, as mentioned in 18:4-5, it was
sent to warn the Christians of a terrible
punishment from God if they cease not in saying:
“Allah hath begotten a son. ”

Muslims sincerely believe that everything Jesus
(May the peace and blessing of God be upon him)
preached was from God; the Gospel (Injeel): The
“good news” and the guidance of God for the
Children of Israel. 10 There is no place mentioned in
the present four Gospels that Jesus wrote a single
word of his Gospel, nor is it mentioned that Jesus
instructed anyone to do so. What passes off as the
“Gospels” today are the works of third party
human hands. 10

The Quran 2:79 says:
“And woe to those who write the book with their
own hands and then say: “This is from Allah
(God).” To traffic with it for a miserable price!

So woe to them for what their hands do write,
and woe to them for what they earn thereby!”
Before closing this chapter, I would like to share
with you some comments from an article printed in
the U.S. News & World Report, In Search of
Jesus, April 8, 1996, page 47-53:

• Robert Funk, a renowned biblical scholar, and
50 religion professors concluded that no more
than 20 percent of the sayings and even fewer
of the deeds attributed to Jesus are authentic.
Among the cast offs: the Lord’s Prayer, the
saying from the cross and any claims of Jesus
to divinity, the virgin birth, most of his
miracles and his bodily resurrection. (Page 49)

• John Meier, a professor at the Catholic
University of America in Washington DC:,

* He (Jesus) was born around 7 BC in Nazareth, not
in Bethlehem as the gospel of Luke says.

* Despite official Catholic teaching that Mary, the
mother of Jesus, remained a virgin all of her life,
Meier says Jesus had four brothers and at least two
sisters, details that emerge from the gospels of Mark
and John and from the writings of Paul. The virgin
birth of Jesus, says Meier, “cannot be proven or
disproven” by historical investigation.

* He had a brief ministry in Galilee as a teacher,
prophet and worker of deeds that were perceived by
some as miracles.

* He was arrested in Jerusalem and crucified under
fontius Pilate somewhere around A.D. 30. His
followers claimed he rose from the dead. (Page 50)

• John Crossan, one of the most prolific of the
modem questers, a former Roman Catholic
priest and professor emeritus at Depaul
University in Chicago, thinks the evidence he’s
gathered would rule out most of Christianity’s
traditional teachings. Biblical accounts of the
Last Supper and appearances of the risen Jesus,
he says for example, are merely attempts by his
devout followers to express their “continued
experience” of his presence after the
Crucifixion. (Page 52)

Replying Sterling Tilley; Music is not an antidote to extremism in the North rather, a vice for mental colonization

Music could bring peace in Northern Nigeria
Music could bring peace in Northern Nigeria

“Nigeria has a lot of problems regarding extremist groups and music can be used to bring peace to the country” – Sterling Tilley.




It is no news that our today is controlled by the West. They are in control of our thought process. They tell us what is right and what they perceive to be wrong and impose it on us, directly or indirectly.

The West preaches to us against slavery but will not apologize for the hundreds of years they enslaved, exploited, dominated, oppressed and destroyed Africa. The Western philosophers tell us about Ethics and conduct when the Western society is bereft of Morality.

When it says Democracy ( Teacher don teach us nonsense), we say Yes, no polygyny, Yes Sir! Yes to Homosexuality! we buy it and it threatens us till we would totally accept it. Incest, Bestiality, ‘shooters’, gun policy are some of the many problems the West is facing but more than half a century, the West, though took her flag, still pokes her noise in Africa’s business and thinks she is in a position to tell us what is right and what is not.


Music is not an antidote to extremism in the North, rather, a vice for mental colonization

Sterling D. Tilley, a United States of America’s diplomat said Northern Nigeria has problems of extremism and Music could be used to bring peace to the region. Tilley said,

“We have a lot of problems here in Nigeria, with regards to extremist
groups, particularly in the North-East and the best way to break the
logjam between the communities out there would be through music.

“In the Nigerian environment, everyone loves music. So if you are
surrounded by that love of music, you cannot feel the need to hurt


It is obvious that this man does not understand Nigeria, or the problem in the North-East or it is another attempt to ‘totally corrupt the region’. I wonder, what has music gotten to do with the problem of extremism? Are we organizing a rap battle between Abubakar Shekau and Abu Musab al-Barnawi? Would ISIS and Boko Haraam collaborate to come sing for the family of the victims of their terrorist activities?

It is my hope that this article gets to Sterling Tilley. He should let us know where and when in history, music had been used to combat evil of this sort.

I wonder how music could not be used to prevent WWI and WWII. Was music not in existence during Hitler’s era that it wasn’t used to bring peace between him and the Jews? Pretty sure the Freemasons would not even allow that. They needed a Hitler to use, the same who was on his own power thirsty. So badly used that, at the end of the day, the world was presented with an Hitler who was irrationally prejudiced against the Jews, a psychopath who would have no reason for his actions. Terribly used to bring himself to his own destruction. We have to believe “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” was a forgery but what we have in the document seem to be our reality today.

The document contains he text includes generalizationstruisms, and platitudes on how to take over the world: take control of the media and the financial institutions, change the traditional social order, is anything far from these today?

Tilley said “We have a lot of problems here in Nigeria, with regards to extremist
groups, particularly in the North-East and the best way to break the logjam between the communities out there would be through music”. What was he thinking? Does he think the terrorists are spoilt American brats who run into shops killing people?

What was the role of Music during the enslavement and underdevelopment of Africa? When people were treated and used like animals. What differentiates these extremists from people who rape, plunder, enslave, kill and dominate people. If music did not solve the problem from the latter, would it for the former?

Tilley was alive when America invaded Iraq in 2003. Properties were destroyed, people were killed, the great Michael Jackson couldn’t even sing to convince the blood-thirsty wolves that Iraq had no weapon of mass destruction. Even if he sang, he would only convince them if he voiced blood the hungry wolves could drink and enough flesh, for them to consume. What concerns businessmen who are into arms trade with music? Would it give them power and enough dollars?

Are we gong to start singing for the Syrians now? Perhaps music would bring peace to that country. Can we call on Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Lil wayne and others to sing in the ears of the Zionists to stop the occupation of the land of the Palestinians. Who would sing and tell the oppressors that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel?

If Tilley’s claim of music bringing peace is true, shall we not sing all the way to India to give peace to Kashmir and to China for peace to the Uyghur Muslims? Same for Sudan, Libya and Egypt.

Is America lacking musicians that would tell her that poking her nose in other countries’ businesses is the major cause of unrest in the world?  Tilley’s idea is far from the reality!


Music today is a vice; has no value

In our world of today, Music has no value. Rather, it is vice controlling the though process of people, a tool of conditioning and mental colonization. The Media and Music today have immensely contributed to the problems of the world.

Few weeks ago, I made a comment on Amnesty International’s call for the eradication of the Capital Punishment. For me, we should rather focus more on fighting crimes that attract capital punishment. Focusing more on the eradicating the punishment is like giving the criminals a go ahead. Unfortunately, whatever the West says, we buy.

Today, nudity has eaten deep into our society. Women are desperate to go naked. The private parts of women are no longer gold to men. We see naked women on the streets, in the market, on the TV etc. A society that has sexualized women says rape is on the increase, blames men so much, and spends more dollars to sexualize women.

Today, we see naked women in almost all music videos. Total nudity, pants only, bikinis, tiny flowers on their vagina and the nipples, all over. However, the men in these videos are many times fully clothed. It is rare to see a naked man or a man in pants compared to women.

Music today is not a tool that brings peace but evil. Weed, drugs are not far from our musicians and their music videos. We have songs glorifying weeds and drugs all over the internet.

Last year, I watched some guys on the TV dancing to Nigeria Jagajaga by Eedris Abdulkareem. While the musician was highlighting Nigeria’s problem, the same Nigerians were dancing to the beat.

Who would imagine that in the Nigerian society, old and young would speak openly about masturbation, dance to it and spread everywhere. Naira Marley’s “Soapy” was a ‘hit. Old and young, male and female now demonstrate masturbation in public – fingers cupped, hand jerking back and forth, bouncing like rabbits. The evil we see today.

The evil of Music today is such that if you ask a stop a woman and tell her to dance for you, she would probably give you a slap. However, if you stand in an open place and stand to sing,

” Baby, whine for me…

come twerk for real

This your ass baby

‘s driving me crazy”

Trust me, a lady will come, obey you and do everything you say.

The Nigerian government should build more schools in the North, make access to quality education easier, solidify the security. We pray for peace in the North and the destruction of the terrorists and their supporters.

{@tastelessGents tweeted, “Just imagine in 20 years, rap songs are gonna be about how mum used to sell nudes and private snap just to get by}

In 2018, There were 336 mass shootings in the US in 2018  and in 2019, we already have 289 mass shootings, the USA needs music for peace not Nigeria.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

The Bible led me to Islam continued


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If you read Luke 1:2 – 3, you will learn, as I did
that Luke (who was not one of the 12 disciples and
never met Jesus) said that he himself was not an
eyewitness to Jesus’ walk on earth, and the
knowledge he gathered was from eyewitnesses,
and not as words inspired by God.8

Incidentally, why does every “Gospel” begin with the
introduction ACCORDING TO. Why “according
to?” The reason for this is because not a single one
of the gospels carries its original author’s
autograph! Even the internal evidence. of Matthew
9:9 proves that Matthew was not the author of the
first Gospel which bears his name:

“And as Jesus passed forth thence, HE (Jesus)
saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the
receipt of custom: and HE (Jesus) saith unto
HIM (Matthew), follow ME (Jesus). And HE
(Matthew) arose, and followed HIM (Jesus).”
Without any stretch of the imagination, one can
see that the HE’s and the HIM’s of the above
narration do not refer to Jesus or Matthew as its
author, but a third person writing what he saw or
heard – a hearsay account, JO and not words
inspired by God.

It is worth noting, and well known throughout the
religious world, that the choice of the present four
“gospels” of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John) were imposed in the Council of
Nicea 325 C.E. for political purposes under the
auspices of the pagan Emperor Constantine,5 and
not by Jesus.

Constantine’s mind had not been enlightened
either by study or by inspiration. He was a pagan,
a tyrant and criminal who murdered his son, his
wife and thousands of innocent individuals
because of his lust for political power. Constantine
ratified other decisions in the Nicene creed such as
the decision to call Christ “the Son of God, only
begotten of the Father.”lJ

Literally, hundreds of gospels and religious
writings were hidden from the people. Some of
those writings were written by Jesus’ disciples,
and many of them were eyewitnesses to Jesus’
actions. The Nicea Council decided to destroy all
gospels written in Hebrew which resulted in the
burning of nearly three hundred accounts. 13

If these writings were not more authentic than the four
present gospels, they were of equal authenticity.
Some of them are still available such as the
Gospel of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hennas
which agree with the Quran.5 The Gospel of
Barnabas, until now, is the only eyewitness
account of the life and mission of Jesus. 13

Even today, the whole of the Protestant world,
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and
other sects and denominations condemn the
Roman Catholic version of the Bible because it
contains seven “extra” books. The Protestants
have bravely expunged seven whole books from
their “Word of God.” A few of the outcasts are the
Books of Judith, Tobias, Baruch and Esther. 10
Concerning Jesus’ teachings of the Gospel
(Injeel), the Gospel writers frequently mentioned
Jesus preaching the Gospel: Matthew 9:35, Mark
8:35 and Luke 20:1. The word “gospel” is
recurrently used in the Bible. However, in the New
Testament Greek edition, the word evangelion is
used in place of the word gospel, which is
translated to mean good news. 14

My question was:

What Gospel did Jesus preach? Of the 27 books of
the New Testament, only a small fraction can be
accepted as the words of Jesus, 10 and only 4 of the
27 books are known to be attributed as the Gospel
of Jesus. Paul supposedly wrote the remaining 23.
Muslims do believe that Jesus was given God’s
“Good News.” However, they do not recognize the
present four Gospels as the utterances of Jesus. 14
The earliest Gospel is that of Mark’s which was
written about 60-75 A.D. Mark was the son of
Barnabas’s sister.

Matthew was a tax collector, ~
minor official who did not travel around with
Jesus. Luke’s Gospel was written much later, and
in fact, drawn from the same sources as Mark’s
and Matthew’s. Luke was Paul’s physician, and
like Paul, never met Jesus. By the way, did you
know that the names Mark and Luke were not
included in the 12 appointed disciples of Jesus as
mentioned in Matthew 10:2-4?
Now the names of the twelve apostles are these; The
first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his
brother; James the son of Zebedee, and John his
brother; Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and
Matthew the publican; James the son of Alphaeus, and
Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus; Simon the
Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.
John’s Gospel is from a different source, and was
written in about 100 A.D. 7 He (John) should not be
confused with John, the disciple, who was
beheaded by Agrippa I in the year 44 CE long
before this gospel was written.

It should be known that for two centuries it was hotly debated whether
the Gospel of John should be accepted as a reliable
account of the life of Jesus, and whether it should
be included in the scriptures.

 How to direct acts of ‘Ibaadah to Allah Alone


In Islam, ‘Ibaadah means an act of worship. The acceptance of one’s act of worship depends on intention; a proper understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah aids the Muslims in proper practice of ‘Ibaadat and directing his acts of worship to Allah alone.



Making Du’aa


It has to be done to ALLAAH alone, not to any, other than HIM, whether Shehu or any dead or living being. Calling on a dead person for succour is from directing what should be directed to ALLAAH to what HE created. If this is not Shirk, then what is?! Stay away from this menace, it takes you away from Islaam gradually. Call on ALLAAH. Isn’t ALLAAH The Great, that will answer your prayer? Those things been called beside ALLAAH – in fact – need the assistance of ALLAAH just like you. They need help. ALLAAH said:


{{Say: Have you considered what you call upon besides ALLAAH? Show me what part of the earth they have created, or have they a share in the heavens? Bring me a book before this or traces of knowledge, if you are truthful}} Al-Ahqaaf, verse 4.

He said:


And should you ask them, Who created the heavens and the earth? They would most certainly say: ALLAAH. Say: Have you then considered that what you call upon besides ALLAAH, would they, if ALLAAH desire to afflict me with harm, be the removers of His harm, or (would they), if ALLAAH desires to show me mercy, be the withholders of His mercy? Say: ALLAAH is sufficient for me; on HIM do the reliant rely}} Az-Zumar, verse 38.

He also said;


{{O people! a parable is set forth, therefore listen to it: surely those whom you call upon besides ALLAAH can never create fly, even though they should all gather for it. And should the fly snatch away anything from them, they could not take it back from it; weak are the invoker and the invoked}} Al-Hajj, verse 73.

Again ALLAAH said:


{{Surely those whom you call on besides ALLAAH are slaves (to HIM) like yourselves; therefore call on them, then let them answer you if you are truthful# Have they feet with which they walk, or have they hands with which they hold, or have they eyes with which they see, or have they ears with which they hear? Say: Call your associates, then make a struggle (to prevail) against Me and give me no respite}}. Al-A’raaf, verse 194 & 195. Also see Al-Baqarah verse 186.




This means seeking غيث – ghayth (aid, help, relief, succor and rainfall). When The Prophet saw the number of unbelievers were more than the believers in the battle of Badr, he called on ALLAAH seeking HIS ghayth, until his robe fell from his shoulder. ALLAAH then revealed verse 9 of suuratul Anfaal (Q. 8);


{{When you sought aid from your Lord, so HE answered you (saying): I will assist you with a thousand of the angels following one another}}.

So, this help in times of needs should come from ALLAAH absolutely. A man may be a means to which ALLAAH uses to help another man. But call on ALLAAH to aid you.



In simple terms, it means seeking protection from ALLAAH. Who else can protect you other than ALLAAH? When you seek protection against shaytaan, is it not from ALLAAH you seek it? So, other than ALLAAH needs protection of ALLAAH. Even The Prophets and Angels – none exempted – need ALLAAH’s protections. HE said:


{{And if an interference of the shaytaan should cause you mischief, seek refuge in ALLAAH; surely HE is the Hearing, the Knowing}} Fussilat, 36. Same message in Q7:200, Q16:98, Q41:36 and others.



Seeking the help of ALLAAH in a manner you confess to HIM that you are weak and only HIM can render help, in any affair, of the world or hereafter. It means you are surrendering to ALLAAH that you can do little or nothing in a situation.

In his counsel to Ibn Abbaas, The Prophet said; “when you seek assistance (إذا استعنتَ), seek it from ALLAAH”. Absolute assistance, like salvage from poverty, help against illness and or oppression, and so on, those non but ALLAAH can render them,  you seek them from ALLAAH alone, even the jalabis and baba-lawos need HIS help and they seek it. ALLAAH said of a believer and what he should say and believe:

{{Only You (ALLAAH) we shall worship, and only You (ALLAAH) we shall seek absolute help from}}. Al-Faatihah, 1.

So, when you are facing a challenge, don’t go to that Baba that requests you to slaughter a chicken and drop at a junction, or to cook food or prepare something and drop in a junction along lone paths. He too cannot help himself. Look at his children, how fine are they? How organised is his home? And this is the one you want help from? No, he cannot help himself. ضَعُفَ الطَّالبُ و المَطلُوبُ, the one seeking and the one been asked for help are weak. Ask ALLAAH alone, HE shall answer you.

May ALLAAH safeguard our eemaan. Aameen


Abubakar Ozemoya Irekpita Yusuf.



The Bible led me to Islam continued


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It is worth mentioning that the Bible references cited in this book may not be exactly as the Bible you are using. There are many Bibles on the market that are used by different Christian sects and all of these sects say that their book, though different, is the word of God.


Such Bibles are: The Revised Standard Version 1952 & 1971, New American Standard Bible, The Holy Bible: New International Version, The Living Bible, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures used by Jehovah Witnesses, Roman Catholic Version and the King James Version.

A special note: I have not found within the verses of these Bibles where the “New Testament” calls itself the “New Testament,” and nowhere does the “Old Testament” calls itself the “Old Testament.” Also, the word “Bible” is unknown within the pages of the Bible.


In addition to the many different Christian sects and Bibles, I have learned that there are also different men, not prophets, who founded these sects and are using various interpretations of the Bible and/or man-made doctrines as their creed.

The table on page 93 titled, Origin of Major Denominations in the United States, depicts modem Christianity as having a strong influence by men founders and their man-made doctrines.

I would like to share with you some thoughts that you may not have read or known about the Bible being the Word of God.

Briefly, let me mention

that on 8 September 1957, the Jehovah’s

Witnesses in their “Awake” magazine carried this

startling headline – 50,000 ERRORS IN THE

BIBLE. If you ask a Jehovah’s Witness about this

headline, it may be said that today most of those

errors have been eliminated. How many have been

eliminated, 5,000? 500? 50? Even if 50 remain,

would one attribute those errors to God? 10

Is Jeremiah 8:8 also saying that the Law/Torah

has been tampered with and is not completely the

words of God?:


“How do ye say, We are wise, and the law of the

LORD is with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he

it; the pen of the scribes is in vain.”


Let me pose another question: If a “holy” book

contained conflicting verses, do you still consider

it to be holy? Most likely you will say of course

not. Let me share with you some conflicting verses

both in the Old and New Testaments:


II Samuel 8:4 (vs)

II Samuel 8:9-10

II Kings 8:26

II Samuel 6:23

Genesis 6:3

John 5:37

John 5:31

I Chronicles 18:4

I Chronicles 18:9-10

II Chronicles 22:2

II Samuel 21:8

Genesis 9:29

John 14:9

John 8:14


Only two contradictions of the New Testament

have been mentioned, but others will be referenced

when the Trinity, Divinity of Jesus Christ, Divine

Sonship of Jesus, Original Sin and Atonement are



How could the “inspired words” of God get the

genealogy of Jesus incorrect (See Matthew 1:6-16

where it states 26 forefathers up to prophet David,

and Luke 3:23-31 says 41 in number). Or for that

matter, give a genealogy to Jesus who had no

father? See II Kings 19:1-37, now read Isaiah



Why is it that the words of these verses

are identical? Yet they have been attributed to two

different authors, one unknown and the other is

Isaiah, who are centuries apart; and yet, the

Christians have claimed these books to been

inspired by God. fo So God Almighty forgot that

He had dictated the passage before so He had to

dictate it again, word for word?

Other contradictions of the Bible can be found in

the book titled; 101 Clear Contradictions in the

Bible, by Shabir Ally. A sample of them are

provided below:


#50 – Did Jesus die before the curtain of the temple was


(a) Yes (Matthew 27:50-51; Mark 15:37-38)

(b) No. After the curtain was tom, then Jesus crying with a

loud voice (Luke 23 :45-46).


#54 – Did Jesus ascend to Paradise the same day of the


(a) Yes. He said to the thief who defended him, “Today you

will be with me in Paradise (Luke 23:43)


(b) No. He said to Mary Magdelene two days later, “I have

not yet ascended to the Father.” (John 20: 17)


#61 – How did Judas die?

(a) After he threw the money into the temple he went away

and hanged himself (Matthew 27:5)

(b) After he bought the field with the price of his evil deed

he fell headlong and burst open in the middle and all his

bowels gushed out (Acts 1: 18)


#75 – Acording to the gospels, what were the last words of

Jesus before he died?

(a) “Father,into thy hands I commit my spirit!”(Luke 23:46)

(b) “It is finished” (John 19:30)


I looked up the word Easter in the Nelson Bible

dictionary and learned that the word “Easter” (as

mentioned in Acts 12:4) is a mistranslation of

“pascha,” the ordinary Greek word for “Passover.”

As you know, Passover is a Jewish celebration not

a Christian holiday, which Jesus did participate in

as indicated in Matthew 26:17-20. So, why are

Christians not celebrating Passover as Jesus did, or

for that matter, why are “Christians” not Jews? I

think human hands, all too human, had played

havoc with the Bible.


From the brief points mentioned above, and the

fact that Biblical scholars themselves have

recognized the human nature and human

composition of the bible (Curt Kuhl, The Old

Testament: Its Origin and Composition, pp 47, 51,

52), there should exist in the Christian’s mind

some acceptance to the fact that maybe every word

ofthe Bible is not God’s Word.


As a side note to this subject, let me mention that

some Christians believe that the Bible was dictated

to Prophet Mohammed by a Christian monk, and

that is why some of the biblical accounts are in the

Quran. After some research, I found that this could

not have happened because there were no Arabic

Bibles in existence in the 6th century of the

Christian era when Mohammed lived and




Therefore, no Arab, not even Prophet

Mohammed, who was absolutely unlettered and

unlearned, would have had the opportunity to

examine the written text of the Bible in his own

language. The Quran 5: 15-16 says:

o people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)!

Now has come to you Our Messenger

 (Mohammed) explaining to you much of that

which you used to hide from the Scripture and

passing over (i.e., leaving out without explaining)

much. Indeed, there has come to you from Allah

a light (Mohammed) and a plain Book (this

Quran), wherewith Allah guides all those who

seek His Good Pleasure to ways ofpeace, and he

brings them out of darkness by His will unto

light and guides them to a Straight Way.

“Don’t Judge” – One Of The Most Abused Expressions By Muslims.

Judging in Islam
Do not judge in ISlam


Dear Muslim(ah), you have been raised in status; Allah has named yours the best of generations, your prophet has been chosen to intercede for mankind, your book – the Qur’an – has been called the book of guidance.

If Shaytaan was envious of the generations that toiled this earth before yours, then you should expect him to be eating his hearts out and green with envy over the status Allah has afforded your own generation; it is therefore not unanticipated that he would attempt to make you forget the virtue by which you were made the best of generations, but it is unbecoming of you to forget. A prince who knows not the worth of a crown, and thinks that he has been braced for it just because his head fit the size of the crown will end up misplacing such crown.

Quran 3:110
“You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and FORBID WHAT IS WRONG and believe in Allah.”

Each time a Muslim brother or sister attempts to correct or caution you – with convincing evidence – it is simply because they want to uphold that which has made ours the best of generations.

Correcting others is not born out of arrogance, pride or feelings of one’s infallibility, rather, it is out of desire to be in Jannah with you. It is because they remember what made the People of Israel cursed.

“They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing.”
-Sura Al-Ma’idah, Ayah 79

Warning Is Different From Judging.

When Allah sent The Prophet Nūh to his people, he said:

Indeed, We sent Noah to his people, [saying], “Warn your people before there comes to them a painful punishment.”
-Sura Nuh, verse 1.

Apparently, Nūh had to warn his people to desist from wrongdoings and spook them with the promise of Allah’s punishment descending upon those who did not adhere to his warnings – as Allah had ordered him to warn them; yet this was not regarded as JUDGING the people because he himself would later say – probably after his people directed towards him the same rant: ‘don’t judge’

I am only a clear warner.
Their account is only upon my Lord, if you [could] perceive.”
-Sura Ash-Shu’ara, verse 113-115.

This makes it clear that when someone warns us, telling us our Hijaab is supposed to be longer, that the cusp of any trouser that falls below the ankle is in Jahannam, we should simply try to appreciate the efforts they put into making us desist from these acts; we should not feel hurt or judged, we should only feel grateful that they so much want us to be saved from the heat of Jahannam.

And if they have their apparent shortcomings too, then we should appreciate them even more; we should appreciate the fact that despite the fact that they are still struggling to save themselves from Allah’s punishment, they love us enough to still care about us and want us safe and saved from the torment they themselves aren’t assured of safety from.

And If They Actually Feel Infallible

It will be hard to meet someone who feeds off criticising others; for it is not enjoyable having so many people despise you; most of those who constantly correct others often do so because they want to uphold that which has made us the best of generations, however, there are those who actually correct others because they feel superior or better, when we meet such people what then should be our stance? Should we be quick to remind them of their shortcomings too while asking them not to judge us?  Should we tell them that even we, who do not use the hijab, may be better than them?

Allah says: “The repentance accepted by Allah is only for those who do wrong in ignorance [or carelessness] and then repent SOON AFTER. It is those to whom Allah will turn in forgiveness, and Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”
-Sura An-Nisa’, Ayah 17

This verse shows that when one is corrected and aware of his mistakes, then he should be quick to repent, and should be least concerned about the personality or reason behind the correction before it is effected.

He also says: “And HASTEN to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous”
-Sura Aal-E-Imran, Ayah 133

Hastening to forgiveness means taking no time at all in seeking it when we realize that we have made a mistake, this is nullified by asking questions such as – are you infallible too? – from the one warning us.

He also says: “THE ONLY STATEMENT of the [true] believers when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say, “We hear and we obey.” And those are the successful.”
-Sura An-Nur, Ayah 51

The only statement when one is corrected with sound and convincing pieces of evidence – irrespective of the manners in which the correction is presented – should be: We hear and we obey. Being too concerned about the manners or personality of the one correcting us nullifies this also.

And also, Abdullah bin Mas’ud (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “He who has, in his heart, an ant’s weight of arrogance will not enter Jannah.” Someone said: “A man likes to wear beautiful clothes and shoes?” Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Allah is Beautiful, He loves beauty. Arrogance means ridiculing and rejecting the Truth and despising people.”

Arabic/English book : Book 1, Hadith 612
Riyad us Saliheen

The Prophet clearly stated in the Hadith that arrogance can be measured by how ready one is to accept that they are wrong when they are confronted with plain evidence against their wrongdoings.

It can be measured by one’s reply when corrected – do you tell them to eff off? Do you tell them to go correct themselves instead? Do you tell them that you may even be better than them despite the atrocities they are accusing you of? Do you accept, even if you have yet to change, that you are wrong? Do you ask them to keep praying for your steadfastness?

Even if we find it hard to effect the change instantly, we should not add the load of arrogance to our burden. Repentance has three pillars, one of which is regretting one’s action and another is making up one’s mind to not return to the action.

The one who replies: Don’t Judge! has failed to bring either of these pillars, while one who accepts his mistakes, even if he finds it easy to change, has at least come forth with one of the pillars – regretting – and saved himself from the problem of arrogance.

Our dearest love and prayers go to those brothers struggling to earn from that which Allah has made acceptable, to the sisters using the jilbaab despite the hurdles they face, those keeping away from forbidden relationships with the opposite sex, those standing up at night to pray and seek forgiveness, those swimming against the tides of liberal beliefs.

(Un)fortunately, our love encompasses those who still find it hard to engage in all those things too, but whose hearts wish they could, and that is why we cannot stop warning them to desist from whatever would get them hurt; whatever would make them liable to tasting the torment of Jahannam even for a second.

That is why, despite the fact that we cry to Allah at night unsure of what ending would be ours, we still feel obliged to warn them. Our burdens suffice us, but our love for you won’t allow us watch you toil the path to Jahannam while we keep quiet.

Our love won’t allow us watch you become of those who, on the day of Qiyaamah, it is said of them: “And the companions of the Fire will call to the companions of Paradise, “Pour upon us some water or from whatever Allah has provided you.” They will say, “Indeed, Allah has forbidden them both to the disbelievers.”
-Sura Al-A’raf, Ayah 50

Who took their religion as distraction and amusement and whom the worldly life deluded.” So today We will forget them just as they forgot the meeting of this Day of theirs and for having rejected Our verses.
-Sura Al-A’raf, Ayah 51

Lan Rey Hasan



حَدَّثَنَا مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ عُبَيْدِ اللَّهِ، قَالَ حَدَّثَنَا إِبْرَاهِيمُ بْنُ سَعْدٍ، عَنْ صَالِحٍ، عَنِ ابْنِ شِهَابٍ، عَنْ أَبِي أُمَامَةَ بْنِ سَهْلٍ، أَنَّهُ سَمِعَ أَبَا سَعِيدٍ الْخُدْرِيَّ، يَقُولُ قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏”‏ بَيْنَا أَنَا نَائِمٌ رَأَيْتُ النَّاسَ يُعْرَضُونَ عَلَىَّ، وَعَلَيْهِمْ قُمُصٌ مِنْهَا مَا يَبْلُغُ الثُّدِيَّ، وَمِنْهَا مَا دُونَ ذَلِكَ، وَعُرِضَ عَلَىَّ عُمَرُ بْنُ الْخَطَّابِ وَعَلَيْهِ قَمِيصٌ يَجُرُّهُ ‏”‏‏.‏ قَالُوا فَمَا أَوَّلْتَ ذَلِكَ يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ قَالَ ‏”‏ الدِّينَ ‏”‏‏.‏

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “While I was sleeping I saw (in a dream) some people wearing shirts of which some were reaching up to the breasts only while others were even shorter than that. Umar bin Al-Khattab was shown wearing a shirt that he was dragging.” The people asked, “How did you interpret it? (What is its interpretation) O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)?” He (the Prophet (ﷺ) ) replied, “It is the Religion.”

Sahih Bukhari
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 23
In-book reference : Book 2, Hadith 16



Few months into her marriage, she returned home a divorcee. It was not only paining but traumatizing. She was in her early twenties after all. That’s enough a reason to be down.

The trauma glued to her emotion that she gave no suitor no chance in her world any longer. She ignored all advances and rejected all proposals that came her way. That’s because she was still grappling with the wounds in her heart.

A single-mother she remained until years down the line – when a man she thought would not be like her ex got her heart again. She gave in to the man’s request to make her his second queen.

Of course, they needed not waste time. So the nikaah was done low key, and the lady’s hand was given in marriage to the lucky suitor. But in no distant time – just a few weeks down the line – the union was greeted with vendetta and jotted by skirmish.

The husband’s parents as well as the first wife weren’t in the know of the nikaah. They were cut out of the whole process. As the news of the new union got broken to them, hell was let loose. The wife, in unison with the parents, poured scorn on the husband’s face. And the lady was rejected outright. The man tried convincing the parents – especially – but his poetic pleas fell on deaf ears.

He might have prevailed on the wife as the king of the home, but his parents’ outright disapproval oiled the woman’s wings. Who knows, her adamance might be because she wasn’t privy to the nikaah until afterwards, or that she wanted no woman share her husband with her. Allah knew best.

Since then, the union knew no peace, and in the end broke into pieces – in less than three months of conjugality.

We hear these days that secret nikaah is the new trend among brethren. A sister would be taken in as number-two wife with the knowledge of neither the first nor the parents of the husband. Each time they wanted to be with the second, the first would be given some untrue reasons for their absence at home. Subhaanallaah! What is this, and how long will that last?

For me – I stand challenged – any man who does that is nothing but a coward. He is effeminate. He is apparently not in charge of his home. If telling your woman you want to have another woman for a wife is a big deal, then you aren’t fit for what you desire in your heart. And/or if telling her after having the woman is heavy too, then you are indisputably not fit to have one.

Informing the man’s parents of the incoming of either the first or the second woman is no condition for the acceptability of nikaah though, but our culture (which if not contradictory to the Sharer’ah should be upheld), requires the parents to be in the practical know of their child’s intent to marry. Why would they be cut off the process? Even if they would not be there in person, they surely deserved to know in principle. It’s a tradition that is not against Islam.

Sisters are usually at the receiving end. The man’s sugar-coated mouth should not be fallen for. If they would be married without the parents, they should equally give no way. Let your parents hand you over to their parents. That’s better and saner.

Debate tactics: How Christian apologists avoid questions – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Anyone who debates Christian apologists knows that it is common with them to avoid questions especially when they are cornered.

When asked questions about their faith; the church and the Bible, they run to Hadeeth, life of Prophet Muhammad and tell you how “Muslims are terrorists”.

The conversation below shows how two Christians desperately tried to avoid a question. (click this link for the original thread)

* Aire Joshua Omotayo

Paul Lord Okpara

I tell you. The Muslims will run when they meet with Christians who are grounded in the Bible.

* Paul Lord Okpara

Aire Joshua Omotayo That’s so true brother. She’ll not be lost to false teachings in the name of Gospel, Amen.

* Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Aire Joshua Omotayo you mean the bibles?

So… I asked Aire if he meant the BIBLES instead of the Bible as there are many bibles. He replied,

* Aire Joshua Omotayo

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Lol. You don’t know anything. You were never really a Christian but a church goer. You have no good biblical background from sound teachers, too bad.

I replied him…

* Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Aire Joshua Omotayo is that how you were taught to answer questions?

He replied,

* Aire Joshua Omotayo

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

You don’t even know what you’re saying when you said “bibles.” It shows you were an ignorant punk that was deceived into Islam.

My response…

* Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Aire Joshua Omotayo I will not let you drag me into exchange of insults. Answer my question, which of the bibles?

His friend came to his rescue…

* Paul Lord Okpara

The Bible… The idea of errors and discrepancies in the Bible was fed you by atheists. Islam has always depended on the Bible for its relevance and dexterity. It’s extremely laughable when you term the Bible `bibles’ when you know very well that you weren’t a rooted Christian. If you were a Christian at all, you wouldn’t ever fancy Islam of all religions or faiths.

* Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Do not digress… Which of the bibles do you refer to or we have just one Bible?

He then tries to answer…

. * Paul Lord Okpara

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman You can use the KJV…

* Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Can I use any other Bible other than the KJV?

The discussion continues, use the link below

Click here for original post

When debating Christian apologists, sticking to the topic is a very useful tactic.


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