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YOU WORSHIP A DEAF ‘god’? By Sanni Kay. Yusuf

October 4, 2018 Articles On Islam Comparative Religion Rebuttals 0


You disturb the peace of others by keeping them forcefully awake, all in the name of connecting with your Lord via prayer (in cacophony). What kind of a deaf god do you accord your servitude? What sort of a wicked, intolerant worshipper are you? You seek something at the expense of others who may never have a share in it when the fruit of your spiritual labour is being reaped. That’s draconian!

At 12 midnight, the mosque is filled to capacity by muslims, and the inner, outer gadgets already set to blow off neighbour’s ears and their flow of sleep needlessly ceased. Did I hear you call that tahajjud? No! That is treason (in my personal parlance) punishable in any sane society! Such is no worship but weirdness; for any act of worship which discomforts others is never of God.

“And We have made your sleep a thing for rest. And We have made the night as a covering. And We have made the day for livelihood.” (Q78 V9-11). The night is naturally a time to relax the body after the day’s hectic activities and to re-energise the brain for the obligations ahead the next day. It is at the same time a good avenue to specially connect with the Almighty in invocation over needs and wants. Therefore, he who wishes to spend it in hibernation should not be thwarted to do as so desired, just as she who decides to keep vigil in prayer should not be denied the latitude to reach her peak. After all, the sky is spacious enough to accommodate birds, however numberless. But one should not conflict the other.

“When my servants ask of Me, tell them I am close to them…” Q2 V186. Shouting on top of the voice in the name of prayer is even an insult on the Ever-hearing Allah! And it is shameful that the god you serve is a deaf one!

“Why are you terrorising us in the name of vigil? You don’t allow us sleep because of the loudness of your voices and that of your speakers. I will burn down your church some day, trust me!” said an angry man to a pastor.

People have had to drag church leaderships to court over this mess. Governments have had to shut down worship centres – mosques and churches alike – over noise pollution and threat to peaceful coexistence. Isn’t it a shame that the worth of a supposed House of the Immortal is being reduced to zero by mere mortals? It’s unfortunate – the height of spiritual ignominy!

Churches aren’t heeding corrections. The leaderships are hell bent on the apparent wrong, as they keep saddening people with their unfriendly style of worship. Confine the echo of your worship to the walls of your church, especially at nights when neighbours will be at the peak of their sleep, simple!

The most painful is that it is now an every-night environmental menace. The disturbance is no more occasional. The sleeplessness is now habitual. People have been left with no other option than helplessly take to fate. Yet it is often read of the Bible: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” What an ethos thrown into the mud!

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