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October 26, 2018 Uncategorized 0


Politicians will do everything (I mean anything doable – evil inclusive) at their disposal to secure political victory. The threat by that governor to fling out women naked in protest against his perceived injustice does substantiate the aforementioned.

I hope Mr Governor will take the lead, to be actively followed by his dear wife, and accompanied by his daughters – to prove his leadership exemplariness. What correlation has injustice with voluntary nakedness of mothers, wives and daughters? Doesn’t that defy logic?

Nigerian politics is a game of survival of the smartest, the cleverest and the richest. Perhaps the governor lost the game because he wasn’t as smarter or cleverer as he would have been. You don’t win all the time. Sometimes, you’ve got to be a loser so as to have a feel of what those you’ve defeated in the past were faced with. I never excepted a well-exposed chartered accountant – a one-time staffer of the World Bank – to resort to something as petty as trivialising the dignity of highly revered creatures – women. It’s rather unfortunate.

If it wasn’t an empty threat, would the women do as viciously suggested? And that would be on how much of the nation’s currency? Could their womanhood be cheaply buyable? How would the tale of such ignominy be narrated to their children, and their children’s children? How comfortably happy would they be seeing the video of the insanity travel beyond the shores of the country via social media?

Politicians would fight one another as though they would never be friends forever. By the time they have a common interest, they will become friends as though they will fight no more. Who then is more stupid than the one who takes sides with a politician who will soon end up in tranquility with his enemy? Many have lost their lives, others injured in their support for politicians who still enjoy the sweetness of life.

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