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September 7, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Why you should consider to Home School Your Children!
By Lawal Afeez Arishekola

As schooling kids should be virile worship to Allah & a self-satisfying activity. In our world of humongous Islamophobes, systematization of kids has harmed youngsters, families and the homeland. We can recover our kids, family, our way of life and family ancestry with aligned Islamic-themed Homeschooling.

Part of the major reason why many Muslim families consider homeschooling their children include, “concern over the moral environment in the public schools, wanting to teach religious studies not offered in the schools, or desire for more one-on-one attention than a classroom teacher can provide.”

“A study completed in 1992 by Steven Gray, Ph.D., found that regardless of why families began home schooling, the top reasons for continuing were quite consistent: family unity and socialization; emotional healing, restoration of motivation and positive behavior; academic success; and flexibility in choosing curriculum and teaching methods.”

What Homeschooling is!

First, child-handers i.e Parents acknowledged they could do similar things educators been done in structured schools, and frequently much better. They started to recover their kids and families and it was classified “self-teaching.” They were attempting to do the same thing, however much as could reasonably be expected, what main schools were doing it, yet doing it at home. At the good end, parents attempt to transform their homes into schools.

“The benefits of home schooling for a Muslim home can be divided into these areas:

1. The advantages in encouraging, and maintaining an Islamic way of life, 2. The academic benefits and 3. The social benefits for both the individual and the family.”

Some Reasons to Consider Homeschooling;

To Bring up your own distinct kid by avoiding systematizing your kids and picking: “homeschooling/self-teaching,”

1. Institutionalization of schooling doesn’t always enhance your child’s capacity to learn. Rather, it hinders the capacity to learn. Keeping your wards with you to learn will ordinarily result in towering insight and predominant instruction, particularly on the chance that you associate yourself to rich culture and family values.

2. It affords your Children a chance to acquire High Qualities

The systematization type of schooling won’t always transmit extra-ordinary qualities to your kids. Rather, characteristics of homeschooling qualities to a child are of more noteworthy incentive than scholarly or specialized information.

3. It gives your Youngster a chance to create Rapid Development and True Maturity

The self-taught kid displays a striking wit and usefulness in managing this present reality, With the exhibition of alluring innocent characteristics of trust, wholly-owned and multifaceted skills. These last characteristics before long are usually churned out of the organized wards, while the characteristics of development, skill, and “can-do” capacity are by and large undeveloped. These characteristics don’t get an opportunity to develop until the point that the kid is at long last freed from systematization, late throughout everyday life, when the kid gets a poor start in building a reality.

4. Give Your Kid A chance to have You

A large portion of what you need to pass on to your children are via physical closeness to you day by day, standout amongst the most vital ways a kid gets your qualities is by really breathing your breath. They can’t get that on the off chance that you send them off to inhale the breath of some more bizarre ones.

What Homeschoolers Parents Should know and prepare for!

1. Draw out a homeschooling plan to work with and produce an itinerary that works perfect for your daily activities and Islamic goals.

2. Be certain that your teaching methodology, learning content and curriculum are tailored to your child’s learning abilities.

3. Provide all learning materials, audio-visual aids, toys, books and other important learning resources.

4. Discuss with other Muslims who have been successfully homeschooling their wards and learn from their experiences.

Evidently, homeschooling has many benefits and a potent option to raising and educating pious and dual-built Islamic children. Also, if your children have started school, it’s not too late to start home-schooling them. It’s a workable alternative that is often ignored by today’s Muslims.

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