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The average Muslim parent can never sponsor/encourage his/her child to apply for Islamic Studies in any of the tertiary institutions either home or abroad. This is because most Muslim parents and guardians do not foresee any (bright) future for anyone who chooses to study the course, and absolutely see no need or relevance for it in this fast changing and civilized society.

Islamic studies báwo? Ọlọhun májẹ, most parents will say. What will you do with the certificate? Which big company will employ you? Have you ever seen any advert of a lucrative job where the requirements include B.A Islamic studies? They scorn. To this set of parents, a graduate of Islamic studies can only be employed as a Muallim in either a primary or secondary school; or at best a University lecturer. How much is their take home pay?

The majority, who are likely not to be employed end up becoming street champions, whether as missionaries of Islamic associations/societies, or Imaams of ‘Jam’ /Raatibi ‘Mosques, or Alfa Àdúgbò attending wedding, naming, maolud, freedom, and funeral ceremonies, et cetera. The few crooked ones mix magic with fraud and start up a ‘Jalabi’ enterprise to extort unsuspecting and weak Muslims. In fact, some also do ‘Jalabi’ for Kaafirs.

I remember back in my undergraduate days how I used to be shy of introducing myself as a student of Islamic Studies because I fear that I may be scorned. My friend and brother, Abdullah Isezuo Sanni would recall some of our discussions back then. In fact, at some point, I was planning to apply for either English or Law after graduation in order to be ‘relevant’ in society. Today, AlhamduliLlaah, I personally got employed immediately after my service year. Many of our colleagues who studied the so-called ‘hot cake’ courses are still searching for good jobs. AlhamduliLlaah.

Whenever I see the likes of Prof. Oloyede, a graduate and lecturer of Islamic Studies soaring, breaking/making records, and competing favorably with (and even excelling) all others, it gives me glimpse of hope that the future is there for the taking; albeit for those who combat the challenges of life with vigor and unabated assiduity.

And because those parents are so myopic that they only think that courses like, Engineering, Medicine and medical related fields, Accounting, Banking and Finance, et cetera guarantee a bright future, they have now taken their madness to another level. This time, they reject proposals for their daughters’ hands in marriage from brothers who are graduates of Islamic Studies (well, except those that have attained Ph.D. and more, or those that are very rich).

Recently, a sister informed her parents that her suitor would like to meet them and they asked which course did he study. Islamic studies, she replied. Like someone who had just heard of their parent’s/child’s demise, or who had just lost a huge amount of money, her parents shouted, “Islamic Studies kẹ?” Well, you know what is likely to follow that…

Funny enough, these same parents that see graduates of Islamic Studies as nonentities and can neither allow their children to study the course nor marry their daughters to them are أَغْنام ‘sheep’ to the Jalabi Alfas. They seek solutions to their problems from them and literally worship them.

Ẹ ó wà rí àyè yín l’odé báyìí?

Success is not about one’s course of study. It’s a byproduct of one’s diligence and aspiration. If you like, study mortuary science or witchcraft, if you’re destined for greatness, nothing can impede your march to glory. And if you so wish, study the most lucrative course in this world, if you’re destined for wretchedness, you will end up a gate man or truck pusher.

Sanusi Lafiagi

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