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WHAT, WHY ? By Amori Lateefah (Dream)

June 2, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

What, Why?

What has become of your soul?

Giving over to pleasures and lusts, day and night,

Breeding ignominy due to its addiction,

Sins killing the life that resides therein,

Why have you given the devil to pay for your lost soul?

Isn’t it best that you preserve it?!

What has become of your mind?

I can see locks every where; upon your mind,

Forfending you from burning the names of your lord in your tongue?

Yeah! That kind of locks that make you remember not His promise,

And make you weep not at the dark corner of your room for His punishment,

Why have you decided to sell your mind to the accursed?

Isn’t it best for you to preserve it?

O dear!

What has become of your body?

Abhorring the truth that will save it,

Loving that (Falsehood) which will destroy him,

Why have you resolved to sitting between the devil and the blue sea?

When your lord has given you the Qur’an as a cure for that which is with in the heart.



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