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One body organ – aside other notable ones – that gets women inflamatorily attracted to men is the chest. It’s is an unavoidable instinct and an indication that, that part of the woman’s physiology is as sensitive as that which is between her thighs.

Growing up, staring intently at the neck of a lady was considered morally abominable, let alone gazing at her chest, however meticulously covered. In those not-too-old days, when a girl’s chest was pumping out into breast, she would consider herself a queen and that unique part of her body would be jealously, specially covered from the sight of the male counterpart. That was the era when morality still had some degree of substance; the time when commonsense was common; the period when people weren’t thinking through the anus.

Where is the morality of those days? Where is the sanity of those times when women earned their dignity through proper covering of their bodies?

What is left for the king’s sole enjoyment when the breast of the queen is brought out in full glare of able-bodied men, all in the name of feeding a baby? Madam, where did you fling your hat of reasonability? In the gutters or in the ocean? Why would a wife show to the world the size and colour of that which should be solely seen by her husband – the king? That a woman nurses a baby doesn’t mean she should be senselessly lax. In the shop where there are male customers, women breastfeed their babies. In the bus where there are complete male strangers, nursing mothers expose their breasts while feeding their kids. This is unfortunate!

Thank God for the sacred gift of the hijab. Breastfeeding anywhere, and at any point in time is no worry, at all. If the baby cries to have his mother’s natural milk in the bus, all she does is keep him under the divine garment and the baby suckles on. Some people may mischievously claim that there may be heat in there. Mind you, you can never love Oso better than Oso’s mum loves her son. Millions of babies have been raised under that condition and no single casualty has been recorded. And by the way, what’s the difference between that and having a baby entirely covered on the back and the mother walks in a scutching, draining sun? Is there an air-conditioner that makes the latter better normal than the former? Open you mind and be rational, OK?

Girls and ladies of today have gone gaga. Their derangement is that which has transcended a quick antidote. Has it any other name than craze if a lady’s breasts are uncovered, and as such she leaves the four walls of her parents or husband and moves round the street or even journeys a long distance?

The recently-concluded Africa Magic award says it all. While men showed up in all-covering attires – such as agbada etc. – women appeared on stage in skimpy, breast-less, thigh-less, back-less rags. Allah’s aid is sought.

Isn’t it mockable that even teachers who are supposed to be emblems of good characters are sunk in this abject immorality? How do male adolescents, teenagers whose natural urge for sex is just on the start cope with that beautifully-complexioned female teacher who appears in breast-less tops before students? More perturbingly, she usually worsens the wrong by donning tight-fitted trousers or mini-skirts that pump out her buttocks and the shape of her undergarment apparently revealed. While the immoral cheater faces the board and bends to write, the male students rather look at her bom-bom and marvel at the gory sight. Innaa liLlaahi wa innaa ileihi raaji’uun!

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