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Valentines Day Celebrated Satanism

February 15, 2018 Articles On Islam 0


All roads leads to Valentines Day.
Unfortunately, all these roads are paved with satanism.

This day traces its origin from Babylon where Nimrod and his wife Semiramis were worshipped.

The focus of their worship was through sex orgy. There were male and female prostitutes in the temples where their worship was carried out.

In course of many centuries this sex centered worship got embraced in all the ancient world. It found fertile ground especially among the Greeks and the Romans.
Among the Romans, the worship focused on Lupercus whose worship was referred to as Lupercalia.

Another name of this god was Februus which originated from the name of the month of February.

The main worship festival took place on 14th of February. It was the “sexiest ” day in the life of all the *Romans. It carried all kinds of sexual diversions.

His worship was intertwined with that of goddess Venus who was the goddess of fertility and sexual immorality.
It was during the emperorship of Claudias ll that a person bearing the name Valentine got killed by him.

Then in 496 AD pope Gelassius decided to honour Valentine as a saint and since he wanted to win the none Christians he made Lupercalia day to be the very day that St Valentine festival would take place. Unfortunately he adopted the activities that marked Lupercalia day. Acts of sexual orgy got involved.

He “christianized” Lupercalia day to *Valentine day.

Not many believers have this knowledge. And that is why churches make parties in the celebration of this day.

Lupercalia the priest used to slaughter goats and dogs. They smeared themselves with the blood and went around touching women to promote fertility in them. The reason why the red colour is so dominant on Valentine’s Day.

It is all focused on occultism. There is also the red rose flower. When believers behave like the world and become idolatrous, they stir God’s wrath.

No wonder families and nations and even the church is falling apart.

Do not defile yourself and more importantly protect your children.

New Age Movement and Freemasonry/Illuminati are on high agenda to plunge the world into darkness.

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