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February 13, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

Valentine – Lovers Day or Robbers Way

Yes, you have liked many,
Dated a few,
Been Serious with one,
a simple stray guy who has a clue,
whose horrible heart you won.

Raymond was the first,
Adex was the middle,
Kunlex worsened thy thirst,
And Walex was a fiddle.

You had their vows,
you got their fowls…

We know you have loved many,
Dated a few,
Been Serious with none,

Needed one girl, whose brain is blue,
A beautiful fool, so glaring like Corn.

Titi was the beauty queen,
Ranti was warm, weird and wayward,
Chichi, liike the angelic twin,
Tochi, can’t be described in one word.

You had their Vows,
you got their fowls…

Valentine is here again,
You needed few fools to feed,
Ample idiots to put in Vain,
Some dirty girls, to make to bleed.

Yeah, yours was about the good guy,
Who’s got the cool cash,

Nay the poor boy, whose purse is so shy,
Just a simple corn, you could dash your tough *thrash.

Alas! they say its lovers day,
No, I say its robbers way,
why a day,
for what should be done everyday?

Many have lost a sense of history,
as they celebrate stupidity,
granting Shaytaan ephemeral victory,
sinking hearts in eternal animosity.

when did stupidity got a global identity?

When did Val became a universal stupidity?

As tons of fools got destroyed,
Thousands thinks it’s a day to enjoy.

You had a Val with a Pal,
You had a pal with Val,

so, what gain have you gotten?
Isn’t it to make you further rotten?


Credit: Hassan Taiwo

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