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USTADH, WE WEED AND WE NEED YOUR HELP By Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed

April 20, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Actions are no more possessed by its doers. It’s a problem of the mind. Hearts are inflamed by some filthy chemicals. Recently, a victim called his colleagues “omo science students…” It’s already a bad case for the youths. House wives are also not left out of this habit, especially in the north of Nigeria.

O’ Allah, we need help!
Someone must quickly rescue us.
This is my concern and it’s also my new song of lamentation.

A few days ago, as I made to leave the venue of a dinner organized in honour of an award winning colleague at the Dome where I made a long speech on “Drug Abuse”, two decently attired Muslim women walked up to me and bashfully broke the news “Ustadh, we weed and we need your help…” They told me after I had responded to their greetings of salaam.

I can’t remember ever meeting them prior to that day, but as usual, I had to pretend to make them feel comfortable. It’s a common occurrence to be casually encountered by strangers who could easily recognize the Abu Mazeedah in me, so I wouldn’t be astonished in such situations.

However, it wasn’t immediately that I grasped the message, as I was lost to scary fear with their sudden presence at the car door. But afer interacting with them for a few minutes, the explanation gradually became clearer. With agony in their voice, they actually confessed a pathetic situation.

Of course, nothing could be more pathetic than living in the midst of “weeders”. Youths weed. Government officials weed. Parliamentarians weed. Worse still, house wives, who are primarily responsible for child upbringing, also weed like the guys in the streets. It is indeed pathetic!

It is so bad for this “weeding generation” that they won’t hesitate to devour anything, however dangerous, to make them ‘high’. They drink large doses of codeine cough syrups and smoke hemp and marijuana to quench their devil-inflicted thirst. Indeed, it’s never a good sight to behold when you see them sniff cocaine, Ecstasy and other amphetamines, or even the horrendous odour of a soakaway.

All these satanic meals are only known to inflict aggressiveness, pranoia, hallucinations, impaired Judgment, impulsiveness and loss of self-control on the illicit drug-addicted psyche. It doesn’t matter whether the substance user is a Muslim, a cleric or a house wife, the animality in him or her is worse than that of a pig or a rabies dog!

These illicit substances are the only probable explanations for a notorious Muslim who kidnaps his fellow human, and then leads him in congregational prayers, before strangling him to death for his inability to raise a ransom. It is probably also the only reason why a woman could proudly stab his hubby to death, for whatever reason.

In what other way can you explain the bestiality of a young man who raped and slaughtered his mother? The use of illicit drug is undoubtedly evil. The jeopardy involved is indeed capable of collapsing the moral fabric of a society, for any community that fails to control the use of this substance cannot be sane.

In almost every major street is a drug cartel. Exotic cars would, for example, slow down the speed at Zone 4, behind the famous Agric quarters – in my own neighbourhood – to make purchase. I have also seen women buying with ease. It’s not only at nights, but also during the day and, oftentimes, towards the evening, when the Sun slide to rest.

But what could have inspired a Muslim woman to use the drug?

“Marital frustration”, someone had said. “Depression”, opined another. “Battered emotion”, a sister once told me. But frankly speaking, all of these excuses are mere attempts to explain away the moral gravity of a destructive crime, for nothing could have ever justified the use of illicit drug by Muslim women, or anybody for that matter!

Just a few minutes ago, a reliable sister walked into my office and told me of a naming ceremony she attended in Kano where a wristwatch was declared missing, and every body’s handbag was searched, only to discover atleat a bottle of codeine syrup or something similar in almost all the women’s bags. What were they doing with those substances?

In private discussions, some women confessed that it helps blackout the chronic depression, emanating from marital frustrations. Someone even asked me if it is not better than seeking sexual gratification outside the matrimonial bed in a situation of total abandonment by the only man you grew to know as a lover.

I agree that women’s emotion is seldom respected in some part of the north. I also know that a preponderance of Northern women are impatient in marriage. My candid advice to husbands is that – Do not forget that you married your neglected wives on a sacred bond with Allah, and you will be held accountable on whatever happens to them under your care. So, fear Allah on your marital dealings.

Women must however understand that Allah does not put a solution to any problem in what is forbidden. But rather, constant reflection on the words of Allah and the prophetic tradition, as well as keeping the company of the righteous will be helpful to a troubled psyche that tends to stray towards depression.

The Emirates and scholars are equally challenged to come to the rescue, for two major organs of the Ummah – women and the youths – are swimming at the edge of destruction. Jama’tau Nasril Islam should also think of a way out. The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs must however see this as its problem. May Allah strengthen this Ummah.

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