Update : #IstandwithSheriffahYunus

I have seen so many shares of the post I made, I am eternally grateful for all the support and repost. May Allah not leave us to ourselves even for a blink of an eye.

We are muslims which means we are the best of people. During good times and bad times we say only that which is good,and true. We are the ones who is supposed to be with the best of decorum and comportment.

While trying to share my post, I have seen quite a number of repost and new articles. I did not mention the person name for reasons that are best to deal with this issue the right way. While writing, I didn’t use insulting words ,I said it as it is and I was very very careful of what I related and how I related it.

It is now time for us to sit back, make dua and stop making post that will incite and breed more hatred. My seeking redress isn’t to turn this to a circus of insults. I believe every muslim has the right to dress as she pleases without fear of abuse or assault. We can only make a headway with the best of manners!

Please let’s do things the right way.
Be patient and prayerful and what we want,we will get biidhnillah!
Asking for your right,you must not take away another person’s rights with the excuse of seeking redress. We should always be with the best of character.

Jazaakumllahu khairan for your love and concern.
Shariifah Yunus.


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