By Sanusi Olawale ibn AbdulWasiu

Many lies have been told. Different fabrications have been made. It is always Islam against them; the unknowledgeable bigots, the alleged Islamic State, the dishonest critics, and Christian apologists. They all have one mission- to rub the name of Islam in the mud.

Amidst all these, Islam still flies high among world beliefs. It still remains the fastest growing religion in the world, a fact verifiable anytime. For every one that is deceived out of Islam, hundreds return to the religion of Allah. Beautiful preaching, logics and facts are the tools of Islamic preachers but over times we have heard and seen fabrications by Christians. Mario Joseph the alleged former “Parish Imam” is an example. His lie traveled far and wide, but only the gullible can swallow such a compounded trash. Recently a former colleague who is also a friend on Facebook posted Mario’s video. He was so full of confidence it could win him likes and probably change the mind of some others about the real Islam. He stressed the point that, Jesus is God. As if that was not enough, he then use it to throw a jab at Islam, that some kill in the name of religion. Immediately I saw the post, I didn’t let it go freely. It already had a comment, a fellow Christian who had shown her satisfaction about the post. I just simply laughed over the video, posted a website link that refuted every lie Mario had concocted, and dropped a one million dollars request “Show me a single verse in the Bible that says Jesus is God”. As for the killings, “It will be better if we call these killers their real names instead of attaching them to a religion”, I concluded. I knew he has no answer to my request, so I was less bothered if he answered. I met my objective; to simply show him Mario Joseph is a LIAR.

Just in last Ramadan, another one surfaced. One Muhammad Ajwa Bello recorded how he met master Jesus. He has also been proven to be a liar. Only people with “holy spirit” believe lies like that. After all master Jesus himself declared:

Matthew 24:23
Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

So is there any reason to believe he actually saw Jesus like Paul the 13th Apostle?

O truth seekers, it is actually Allah Who guides. But have you been presented to the light and truth of Islam and need to say the Shahada soonest? YES?

Presently, I’m going to require you to forget all that you contemplate about Islam.
Here is the reality: we live in a culture that has Islam’s vision concealed in equivalent parts of islamophobic and lies.

As outcasts to the religion, we are soaked with deception — both positive and negative. In case you’re thinking about Islam as way to follow, you’re ideally less immersed with the islamophobic nightmare version of the religion, however in the event that you don’t separate with the dream presently, down the line those rose shaded glasses will finish up causing stumbling blocks.

Islam as a religion is not characterized by the pictures you see on Television. It is a religious convention that stands free from purported “Islamic culture”. Islam isn’t characterized by it’s social items or well known practicioners.

Disregard the alleged “Islamic State”, overlook Abubakar Shekau. Disregard each one of those media stories about “bad Muslims” breaking generalizations. These social, political markers can be significant passage focuses to the religion, yet on the off chance that you let them characterize your impression of Islam you end up conveying along the social baggage that is a result of hundreds of years of Judeo-Christian Western/American normativity.

I need you to concede that you know literally nothing about the purposes of Islam. You can’t be familiar with each harmful thought that has been borne in your orientalist/islamophobic head, and expect it to work out. Don’t learn from the Media. It’s high time you met a real Muslim. One of the few trusted source of learning Islam is www.knowIslam.com.ng. Ask us questions, we shall answer with utmost sincerity. You can as well visit our eBooks session. May Allah guide you aright! Ameen

Unlearning Islam is a progressing procedure, and a basic one to genuinely grasping the faith later on. I wish you a safe journey into a real Islam. Learn it, may Allah guide you!


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