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Know Islam Tycoons (KIT)




KIT is an Islamic business club that comprised teams of Business Acumen, Strategic Thinkers, and Devout Muslims, who strive towards a sustainable National Development.




To Promote the Muslims handwork, enterprises, innovative ideas, expertise, and wellbeing in relation with the Islamic standards.




A world of Muslim tycoons who spend in the cause of Allah and also fulfil their obligations of Zakah, Sadaqa, and Qard Hassan.


Core Values:

    Promoting Enterprises
    Innovative Ideas (Business & Personal
    Quality Products & Services
    Good Clients Relation



Our Operating Sections


• KIT Marketing Hub:
Mainly for marketing knowislam.com.ng In-house Entrepreneurs

• KIT Publishing House:
For Research and Publishing of Inspirational and Motivational Articles, Journals & Books on Business.


• KIT Library Stores:
Sales & Marketing Sections for KIT Published Articles, Journals and Books

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