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Truth be Told – Our Christian Neighbours must stop this Behaviour.


I have had two female Secretaries in the course of my business. The first one was a Christian, the present one is a Muslim. There is a story about them that says a lot about how most Christians see things.


When the Christian lady walked into my office from a job agency, at first sight, I was like hell no! Not because of her religion but because of what she was wearing. After the interview, I had a long time to think and I thought this is the same me that have been complaining about how hundreds of young girls stand at the next street in the evening prostituting. Here is a, for all I know for sure, decent lady who rather works hard than sell her body and I want to tell her to go away? I employed her.


I remember sending her to one of my Islamic leaders and he said as he did not know her and she had called that she was outside, he came out and was just looking for hijab. Until she introduced herself. He was surprised because it was me, but he had no objection.


Long story short the lady had to leave, but we were still in good terms, she comes around and if I have any problem with her it is that she does not come around as often as we want.


Since last year I have had a new Secretary who is a Muslim.


One day an old customer who is a Christian lady comes to see me and she seriously asked why I did not employ her or another Christian lady “instead of putting your sister with hijab there”.


I actually thought she was joking and I have a weakness with jokes, my first instinct is to share a laugh. She was not laughing.


Now, I have known this person for years and honestly, I did not get the sense that she actually had an issue with someone wearing hijab. It was more of an issue of why are you so bold with your religion. Had I been a Christian with a Muslim Secretary on hijab I have the feeling she won’t even notice.


We find this behaviour in a lot of Christians. They want Muslims to be in CONSTANT effort to show them compliance with set rules. If you shift a bit from the set behaviours you are declared extreme.


There are Muslims who are so far from Christians they pick strange numbers with “Assalamualaykum”, that is how far they are. This group is about the only persons who can confidently come out and quote from the Qur’an without apologizing. As for the Muslim who has Christians close to him he is usually forced to apologize for everything including employing a fellow Muslim.


I remember compelling the Muslims to come to work on Sundays while giving it off as break for the Christians, asking the Muslims to come to work on Christmas and New Year day whereas the Christians are at home, only for them to also be at home during Sallah breaks also like their Muslim colleagues. YET once a Christian employee tried to play the religious card and I said you can’t arm-twist me, all of our shareholders are Muslims like me yet you have all these privileges. He went “Oh, I didn’t know this is a Muslim company”. My reply was a simple “You now know, cry if you must”.


This attitude of accusing you with any and everything including breathing air and making you guilt over any aspect of your religion they are not comfortable with and forcing you to apologize all the time by twisting or just nagging about your every action is something we need to begin to tell our Christian neighbours to stop if we actually want peaceful co-existence devoid of hypocritical one-sided tolerance which breeds enmity.


This attitude is all what the Christian Elders press release was about. Accuse them and put them on the defensive so that you may manipulate them and define their religion for them.


Some Muslims are so trapped in this they no longer realize it. Islam is now what my Christian friends will accept and love, anything after that is extremism.


We cannot continue like this. Relationships cannot be based on lies and acting. Let us get real.


Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

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