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THIS IS NIGERIA By Adebayo DhikruLhahi Aboo Sahl Al-Atharee

June 12, 2018 Islamic Poems 0



This is Nigeria,
Almost everybody is hypocritical,
Ne’er go straight but parabola,
Every information are less-original,
Could you remember that of Ebola?

This is Nigeria,
Where English is never bibilical,
But, Arabic in mere dummy is Islamical,
So ridicule,
From those who claim the evangelical.

This is Nigeria,
Hijaab now never a religious regalia,
During the boko haram, it was Islamiyyah,
But to Falz; a mere head-cover,
What of that of Amasa?

This is Nigeria,
Fulani herdsmen are more Islamical,
While the militant were never bibilical,
Indeed, this kinda act is classical,
Yet, at tail will become a debacle.

This is Nigeria,
Where everything becomes political,
Even for a mere admission, you need an oracle,
Indeed a tragic spectacle.

This is Nigeria,
Where looters are indeed “oba”,
But the beggars receive nothing but “kóbá”
The abnormalities are hierarchical.

This is Nigeria,
Where many Muslims are illogical,
Dancing to the tune to what are bibilical,
Jettison the didactical,
Claiming; it is classical.

This is Nigeria,
Where Corp member can hardly spell original,
Call the Geographers to show the four cardinals,
Give bolt and but to the Engineers,
Tell the teacher to spell marshal,
And the Nurse to identify narsal,
You will see they are just scammers.

This is Nigeria,
Where millions go to BB9ja,
And a first class becomes a “thousandneer”

This is Nigeria,
Where politicians turn people to animal,
Everyday cabal,
Campaign time neutral.

This is Nigeria,
Where CAN always remain political,
Than being evangelical,
Indeed they are always skeptical,
To everything Islamical,
This is our Nigeria.



PoEt: Adebayo DhikruLhahi Aboo Sahl Al-Atharee

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