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THIS IS ISLAM By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

July 23, 2018 'Aqeedah House Of Salam (HOS) Islamic Poems Regeneration 0



Allah is One,
He is the Creator and Cherisher of all that exist in the Universe;

Allah is One,
To Whom deserves all the worship of the Creatures in the World;

Allah is One,
To him belong the most beautiful, unique and best of Names;

We are Mu’min (Believers),
Because we believe in Allah and Him alone we Worship;

We believe in all the Prophets,
For they are sent by Allah to guide mankind to righteousness in Life;

We believe in His (Allah) Angels,
As they are the bringers of news to mankind on the surface of the Earth;

We believe in His Books,
For they are the Scriptures sent by Allah through His Prophets for Guidance;

We believe in Predestination,
That mankind has predefined record of goodness and badness written by Allah;

We believe in Resurrection,
A day when all mankind will rise to be accounted for their deeds on Earth;

Islam is our Deen,
The perfect lifestyle that is divinely accredited as a complete Preference;

Qur’ân is our Book,
Therein is guidance and cure for those that seek it among Mankind;

Mohammad (ﷺ) is the Instructor,
In him is a good example for mankind to build and model their Lifestyle;

Shari’a is our Constitution,
And we make sure we dutifully abide by it, to avoid judgment on Retribution;

We establish Salah (Prayer),
To get connected to our Lord and to restrain our attachment to this World;

We pay Zakat and Sadaqa,
That which is mandatory on the surplus wealth in easing the life of the Needy;

We Observe Sawm (Ramadan & Optional fast),
As a duty and body sacrifice to attain spiritual cleansing from the shackles of Life;

We perform Hajj to Masjidi Al-Haram (Kaaba),
A duty the capable, healthy, and wealthy owe to Allah in visiting His house in Makkah;

We are for Peace,
And we are humble, generous, kindhearted and we do not want to be Pissed;

Our Greetings is Salam (Peace),
The divine salutation that will be said to the successful in the Hereafter;

We are Muslims,
To our Creator we dutifully submitted, the whole of our body and Soul;

We are granted Mercy,
Because we obey the injunctions of Allah and follow the path of His Rasul (ﷺ);

We are the best,
Because we enjoin righteous deeds and forbid indecent action of people;

We try to be Muhsin (Good-doer),
So that we can attain the best rewards from Allah, the Generous Provider;

And this is Islam,
The inference of which is derived from the Book of Perfect Wisdom (Qur’ân) and the Sunnah.


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