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THEIR TOLERANCE IS OUR TOLERANCE By Hassan Ibn Maruf & Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)

January 10, 2019 Information Rebuttals Regeneration 0


Earth a platform for all Human Race, full of Space

Where many entities fix their Face, relate with friends and associate

But why the sudden alarm on our faith been discriminate and when we keep silence they say we retaliate

Indeed should our silence be their tolerance?

I’ve heard the black and white speak falsehood truth

Perhaps the flowers that ought to spread fragrance of unity as maneuver to a stench of shattered broomstick.

We once Eagle the King of Bird until the imperialist took our Bed

Freedom of speech is easy to teach but their foul mouth is not easy to keep

So the system of faith has tumble and if you try to grumble you crumble

Is it true their tolerance is our tolerance?

I heard tales of death that silence the lips

That instill light upon the darkness they feed us

Freedom of speech?

It’s just the illusion we’re trapped in, for our voice is forever caged in fear of their tyranny.

Their intolerance has probed the fury of nights

Hatred of days

Tears of fate

And the dried bones of hope

Their intolerance has made our feet firm in the valley of the truth

Our heart has swallowed consistency

Breaking the Jaws of their threat

We fear no one except for Allah

We fight and fight

We confront their fright, believing our Creator is our might

Even though things remains so tight

They thought we are modern slaves of their slavery

The excavated ghost of our bravery

We are firm, strong and hopeful 

For to Allah belongs all Glory.


© A Duet By Hassan Ibn Maruf & Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)

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