THE STATE OF THE NATION By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)



The Nation is richly endowed, but majority of the citizens are living below normal standard of life. Many are also resourceful in the Nation, but only few know how to utilise the resources with a workable idea, and subsequently to a viable plan that make the framework for successful implementation.

The major problem of Nigerian educational system is not caused by the students but by the system practised. And the government of the state ain’t ready to help the students to provide standard equipment and infrastructure that will enhance the understanding of the knowledge acquired.

The major reason why most graduates still have to face the problem of competency after having strived hard to pass the examination for good grade. Many of the higher institutions are just producing graduates with certificate, and not graduates with initiatives. Whereas, the certificate that’s not certified by the intellect, is no more than ordinary paper for show.

It’s no more funny, in the state where there are abundance resources, that if utilised, will be enough for every citizens of the country. The activities of the selfish citizens and political authorities have made the Nation wallow in underdevelopment and dependency syndrome.

Only the rich have access to quality education and resourceful connection. The poor and the needy follow the same rough and rotten academic system. The Nation need critical thought and reorientation, for the economy wellbeing of the masses to improve.

Rather than some people putting in effort for their career and personal development, what you will see some people do instead is; pray to be rich, because they feel their belief can move mountain. Belief can never work without action. Just like, knowledge can never benefit if not practised.

And many are of the view that, the Nation can never rise up to stature again, because of their pessimistic thought. The fault is not from the pessimist, just that, the activities of the evil doers among the Nation is what stained and corrupted the actions of the few ethically and religiously able ones.

We still need to go back to family upbringing in order to fix the irregularities of the Nation. Each parent should inculcate good manners and ethical standard in their children. The untrained and unmannered people are the ones causing the distress to the Nation.


This ain’t voice of pain though. We have to do what need to be done to fix the Nation right. External agencies can never see the solution of the economy if the inhabitants ain’t ready to put in their effort and sacrifice for the betterment of everyone.

And because we are destined to be in the country, so whatever happen to it also happen to its inhabitants. If some people feel unconcerned about the state of the Nation, there are still optimists who are working and striving for the betterment of the Nation.

Yes; We are work in Progress…!




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