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February 8, 2019 Articles On Islam Information Uncategorized 0

Bobrisky is by originality a man, but a lady by artificiality. His being gay is lucid to the fetus, let alone adults who had circled through life.

The androphile was recently glorified in a supposed Islamic gathering. In a video that recently went viral on social media, the officiating ‘sheikh’ called out the homosexual to make donation towards Allah’s cause. The man-woman pledged half a million naira and was immediately given a bank account for onward transfer of the penny.

On stage, the man was apparently a woman. The face had been made up in rainbowy colours – the lips were red, the cheeks were in pink etcetera. The man-lady was clad in a shoulder-less, backless attire typical of whores who feed from hotel merchandise. He/she walked up the crowded podium amid eulogy by the avaricious ‘sheikh’. “People don’t understand that this guy is just making money with what he does,” he said.

Bobby’s stay was rounded off with a song by an ‘astute’ fujician – one so-called Muslim singer. He/she danced and spoiled the musician with the nation’s currency – brand new.

Islamically speaking, Bobrisky was guilty of a number of kabaair (major sins): acting like a woman whereas he isn’t; dressing like a woman; dressing indecently (to a supposed Islamic gathering, for that matter); engaging in homosexuality, yet one so-called sheikh did not only dignify and glorify him, he presented what the guy does as mere business. I doubt if I have ever seen anything worse than that all my da’wah sojourn on earth.

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