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THE PURPOSE OF LIFE By  Olatunde Azeezah



At a point in life, humans all say life is meaningless because they’ve wandered through the bushes of life till their shadow left them behind in search for the real meaning of the air they breath and the life they live. Sometimes some souls choose to say life is full of difficulties and frustration when their effort is poured into the basket where they are all dashed in vain. They scream out their lungs in desperate depression then tales of how their shadow pushed their body from the bridge is told. Some souls eat the tree of hope believing that “One Day E Go Better” like we all say whenever Nigeria is in economic crisis.

The most astonishing part of it is that life is a twist of oxymoron that paints you with happiness and sadness, riches and proverty, difficulty and easiness. The rich also cry, their money can’t buy the number of happiness needed in life and the poor also laugh for their proverty don’t want them to always have the teary worn out faces.


Life is nothing, it has no meaning. Perhaps Yes and maybe No. Ibraheem Ahmad once said “Life has no meaning but the one you gave it”. Do we truly not have a purpose, the reason why we breathe, the why to our living in the so called life. The reason why we are happy and depressed. The reason why we are rich and poor. The reason why the beautiful roses have their darkest thorn.


The Purpose of our Creation

The purpose of our creation. The reason why we are created by the creator who gave us the best gift, that is Islam. Let’s open the pages of the Qur’an we neglected, forgetting it’s the only solution to the oxymoron of life. Let’s ponder on its verses over and over again and let Allah’s Nur shed into your heart. We must have been blinded by Dunya, the sweetness or we striving to get to the honey land. We forget life is just a delusional world where our desires push us to the end of its cliff. Our purpose in life has been written centuries ago in the book we rarely see. Allah said in the Holy Qur’an: “And I have not created the jinns and the men except that they should serve Me”

Ask yourself, is that the purpose you’ve chosen for yourself or you’ve been walking on the path of achieving dreams on your own forgetting that you need Allah in whatever you are doing. Worship Allah and everything will be easy. Be a good believer only then you will see the solution to life right in the book written for the believers.


This is the Real Meaning of Life



© Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)

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