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THE MELTING ICE By Shehu Abdus-Salam Aladodo

July 15, 2018 Islamic Poems Science and Technology 0

Crawling ages of guidance,

Witnessed by men of honour,

Calling to the Divine injunctions;

With sets of defined instructions.

The breeze of guidance,

Which hovered on Yemen,

Swerves to the daring desert in Makkah and Yathrib.

The unrivaled seal of all Prophets;

Unlettered son of Abdullah:

Led a life guided with piety

With shrewd and compassionate companions.

In his deeds – guidance

His words – pearls

Tacit approvals – blessings

All these – Sunnah!

But, millennium after,

Births the ones with ears that listens not,

Hearts, which ponders not and limbs,

Channeled towards straying from his Sunnah.

Men who shave beards,

Steps on trousers,

And disagree with clear cut injunctions.

They lambaste, the pious predecessors
with their ignorant mouth, and hearts;

Laced with hatred towards the people of Sunnah.

Women who cloth themselves,

Yet they are naked,

They draw over not; their outer garment.

Raising their voice,

In mixed gatherings,

Giving pose and gaits,

All over the space.

They learn not, the books of the deen.

But they gulp thousands,

Channeled at brainwashing; the uninformed Muslim.

And the end product,

We see all around.

Brainless heads,

Propagating feminism;

A war against Islam.

Peace lies in following,

The path of the Salafs.

Yet, we choose to stray.

And it’s so saddening:

That the ice is melting so fast.


Shehu Abdus-Salam Aladodo

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