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The Media and Sensationalism: Threat to peace by Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

May 5, 2019 Articles On Islam News News on Islam Uncategorized 0

Last night, I had a discussion live on Facebook with Albert Afeso Akanbi. He, in an attempt to portray Islam as an intolerant religion said, “Kano State Government will arrest anyone caught eating in public during Ramadan”. He quoted BBC Pidgin.

He(Albert) is in the media and I believed he should understand SENSATIONALISM which is the trend today. Unfortunately, hypocrisy and bigotry make the wise become stupid and the Knowledgeable becomes foolish. I asked him repeatedly to give me the link but he couldn’t.

Before he mentioned the news from BBC, I saw the news earlier from Why did I ask him to give me the link when I read it earlier? Simple! The headline gave a wrong information which I believed Albert Akanbi should know if he read the news.

Read these headlines…

(1) Those eating in public during Ramadan will be arrested – Shariah Police

Source : (published by Omotayo Yusuf,

(2) Sharia police to arrest people eating in public during Ramadan

Source : (Published by Eniola Akinkuotu.

(3) Sharia police to arrest adults eating in public during Ramadan in Kano

Source : The Guardian (Published by Abisola Olasupo.

And this is from

BREAKING NEWS!! People Eating In Public During Ramadan Fasting Will Be Arrested – Sharia Police

Read another : Ramadan: Sharia Police Vows To Arrest Muslims, See Why |


When you read these stories, you get to discover that those who would be arrested are MATURED MUSLIMS eating publicly during the Ramadan season in a Shariah-compliant state.


Since yesterday, many non-Muslims had been attacking Muslims judging by the headlines. My friend, Albert Afeso Akanbi did not tell us on the live chat that this arrest affects only matured Muslims, rather, he asked, “why should a religion of peace impose its doctrines on a people of different religion?”

The Punch Newspapers tweeted Check the comments, 98% of the comments came from non-Muslims, bashing Islam, calling it an intolerant religion when it does not affect them at all.

This is a Facebook post from a non-religious friend, Ibrahim Folorunsho Amusat. He wrote

“they say, you can’t eat in public cos of ramadan. & nigeria isn’t islamic state. tell me again, how islam is a religion of peace?… religion that killed people who eat in ramadan period”


I hope that one day, sensationalism would be criminalized. Meanwhile, this is not just a Muslim problem and it did not start today. No thanks to William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, the fathers of Yellow Journalism.

“Sensationalism is the presentation of stories in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the expense of accuracy” (Wikipedia)


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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