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The Hero of the Christians.

March 11, 2018 Articles On Islam Comparative Religion News 0

The Hero of The Christians

In the next couple of weeks, the yearly trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as alleged by the Christians vis a vis the Bibles will be the trending in the world. We’ve all heard about the allege crucifixion of Jesus by the Roman soldiers with the help of Judas who betrayed him.

Considering the importance of crucifixion and the 3 main characters of the fictitious event named above: Jesus, Judas and the Roman (the soldier who delivered the last blow that killed the God or son of God a the case maybe), who among them is the real hero of the Christians?

Jesus: the Christians “say” and “believe” that Jesus came to die for the sins of the world. The sin committed by Adam and Eve which led us here. He sin through which the Man (Adam) was cursed and the Woman (Eve) was also cursed. The sin which “God sacrificed His only son to Himself” or as the case maybe, God Himself (Jesus, a’uzubillaah) came to die for. The Original sin. Not even taking into consideration the correctness, fallacious and unfound commonsensical of their beliefs, who doesn’t think Jesus deserves to be the hero of the Christians?
Christians salvation, as they say, solely depends on the imaginative death and resurrection of Jesus as stated in 1 Corinthians 15:16-19. And the proverbial sheep and the dogs are save.

It would be unfair not to consider the role played by Judas in the salvation of the Christians. Without Judas, would Jesus ever be crucified? Without his courageous love for the pieces of gold, would he had betrayed his master? Even though never stated by the Christians, the “PROPHECY” of Jesus dying for their sins wouldn’t their been fulfilled. He was practically the harbinger for the Christians’ salvation. He’s an unsung Hero of the Christians. Without him it will still be evident to them that they’re still living in sins which they think had been died for.

The Romans. They conceived it that it could be done. They schemed. Executed it and was victorious. They broke the chain (bribed Judas) and against all odds, they were courageous to arrest, tried and crucified “the only son of God or God”, as the case maybe. They defiled the Nature. They beat their chests that it could be done and they did it. The Roman soldier who thrust his spear through Jesus (God or son of God of the Christians) must have done that with utmost bravery. What if he was killed from above? Or the ground just open up and swallowed him? Rather he killed “the God of the Christians” dead and the Christians were saved. He gave the Christians a “good Friday”. He’s also an unsung Hero.

Can the Hero be Jesus who “begged God to let the cup pass over him” and allegedly “cried out with a loud voice saying my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” or Judas who “was sorry for what he had done” and “then went out and hanged himself” or the Romans who were ever boastful of killing him? ­

Omotola Tajudeen Temitope

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