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Abumaribi Basic Creativity (ABC)

As Muslims, we are naturally inspired by the Divine Will, and that’s why you need to develop these traits of success in order to be an achiever in life, and that you align your plan of life with the Creator’s Divine Plan.

Do you have the ambition to be successful in life? If that is true, know this, ‘first thing first’: “Successful indeed are the believers”.

As a striving Muslim, this promise of belief should be your major source of inspirations towards your dream. This writeup is to help you build your striving zeal from the current state of belief to attaining success in life.

In this treatise, I will take you on an inferential and practical journey from the world of productive ideas and initiatives into the island of reality. All you need to do is to add some sauces to your psyche for you to gain maximum benefit from these success principles of belief I want to share with you as a true believer.

Now the principles of success in details:

Believe in Allah:

Believing in the Creator should be your Ultimate motive, as He is the Sole Bestower of all intended ambitions and provisions. Allah is able to do all things; so take this as your top believing principle to succeed as a striving Muslim. Believing Allah is your first principle to hold tight to, if you really want to be successful.

Believe in the Angels:

Angels are those evenly messengers the Creator send to mankind to perform many roles in the capacity the Almighty Creator has bestowed on them. These angels are perfectly created in their nature to serve the Creator. Hence they do not make mistakes or fall for the trap of the chief deceiver (Shaitan – Lead Devil) like mankind do.

Angels bring message to mankind to whatever purpose the Almighty Creator has sent them. Angels performs many roles in their nature, and to mention a few, the angels are charged with: protecting mankind, arousing ideas and inspirations, recording of deeds and prayer for acceptance or rejection, bringing message to mankind, informing mankind of future events etc. So by affirming your belief in the Angels and the purpose for which they are created is another source that open your mind to whatever good the Angels bring forth for you to triumph in your aspiration.

Believe in His Books:

The Divine Books of the Creator are the perfect source of guidance for mankind lifestyle on earth. These books contain the Divine standards the Almighty Creator has explicitly and perfectly worded for mankind to use as their modelling techniques in life. Taking this books as your sole guide and source of wisdom is the acme of resources you can ever progress with when applied into practical life. And the sole Divine Book that still remain in its Pristine form and unadulterated is the ‘Qur’ān’; wherein there is perfect Wisdom for those who truly seek it as their guide.

“Perfect wisdom (this Quran), but (the preaching of) warners benefit them not” [Surah Al-Qamar, 54:5]

Believe in the Messengers (Prophets):

Messengers of the Creator are bringers of Glad Tidings and Warners to mankind on earth, in order that mankind may be guided aright in their decision and to be free from any shackle that may come from the influence of shaitan, the chief deceiver.

The Prophets being the Bringers of Glad Tidings, the messengers are charged with the duties of enjoining virtuous acts on mankind and giving those who (intend to or) undertake those actions, the good new of contented lifestyle on earth and also Blissful abode in the Hereafter.
And as Warners, the messengers are charged with the responsibilities of guiding mankind from the path of error prepared by the chief deceiver (Shaitan), and warning the heedless minds of the impending retribution if they failed to follow the straight Path recommended in the Divine Plan (Book).

Whoever believe and follow the path the prophet of their generation laid down will no doubt thrive in all their endeavours in life; as following the other way round will lead to being trapped in the plots and destructive techniques of the chief deceiver. Hence your success in life and the Hereafter is guaranteed if you practically follow the instructions of the prophet of your generation and in accordance with the injunctions of our Most Beloved Creator.

“And We send not the Messengers except as Giver of glad tidings and Warners. But those who disbelieve, dispute with false argument, in order to refute the truth thereby…” [Surah Al-Kahf, 18:56]

Believe in Destiny:

Destiny is the predetermined nature of mankind. Certain situation that will occur to mankind in life revolves round their destiny, and as such, mankind do not have any control against this unforseen contingencies that may happen to them. Since the incidence is unknown and the time of occurrence can never be determined by mankind, it require mankind to apply humility in their everyday acts.

Your full believing in destiny will guide you on the verge of accepting with gratitude and patience, whatever comes your ways in life. This is a strong situation that make you feel the contented state of your mind, and you will have no cause to worry about the unknown. Though you can’t change what happen to you in your destiny, but with your prior information about destiny and believing in it, you can always leverage your reaction in a positive manner that will make you see the beautiful reward you will later get in life.

Believe in the Last Day/Day of Judgement:

Day of Judgement/Recompense/Accountability is also a core belief of Muslims in order to be aware of that; this worldly life is not our permanent place to stay, and that we may keep in our memoir the reality of death. The reality of death is such occurrence that can happen to mankind anytime, anywhere, anyplace. With this ‘belief in the last day’ in mind, you will be developed with a reminding techniques specially made for the true believers, to be alert on their course of operation in life and not to be carried away by the splendor of this worldly life.

That you’ve fully understood these six primary beliefs as your first step to success is a powerful and divine strength to your psyche. This is because, when you plan your aspiration in accordance with the stated beliefs above, trust me on this one; your success in life knows no bound. Your lifestyle will revolves round contentment to intense joy.

In the next series of this theme of success traits for the believers, you will learn about how you can channel your gifted ability of; freewill, willpower, and goodwill in line with this primary beliefs, in order to make your aspiration a reality.

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