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Check your Calendar, May 7, 2012 was on Monday. This was the day the news broke of a Baby Born at No 1, Shonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria, clutching the Glorious Qur’an.

Thereafter, an awesome reception was organized by the Muslim Ummah in honour of the Baby which was championed by our man, Gawat whom shortly after that was nowhere to be found up till date.

Hmmm, I smell something since then, something tells me that the Christians will surely come up with fabrications that would claim similar “miracle” had happened in Christendom!

But you know what? No one can fool Allah {God All Mighty} Now they have made an attempt and it is a glory for Islam and off course helping to reveal the truth.

It was just last week, Friday 27th of November precisely that Brother Lawal Abiodun fatai put a call to me informing him of a live radio Programme on Harmony Fm, Ilorin where the presenter was narrating the story of a woman that gave birth to “a Bible” at Ila-Orangun, Osun State.

Interestingly, there was room for the listeners to phone-in and contribute. Perhaps, the programme was targeted at brainwashing the ordinary minds. This is what they call “Iriri Aye” meaning, strange but true life story.

Well, as a journalist, I know too much of what those who venture into the field of stuff like that try to do. They are out there looking for such mysterious stories to report and gain the heart of the audience which may eventually give room for more advert and increase in money. But in this occasion, I was very lucky to be among the callers, and guess what? I spoiled market.

I simply asked the presenter to tell the public: Which version of the Bible was given birth to?

73 Chapters of the Catholics 66 Chapters of the Protestants> And in fact, which version?


And all these questions was becoming too much for the presenter, Mr. Komolafe Adejunwan to comprehend, so he said to me, go to Ila yourself and confirm. But don’t blame him; the man is only doing his job though as he has no idea about all these technical questions posed by me.

Yes, Alhamduilah, this was what actually motivated us to storm Ila-Orangun on Friday 4th of December, 2015 and this was how it all went:

We got there and she narrated the story, and we took her up from the said Bible itself.

This is how it all went from the horse’s mouth, Mrs. Babalola Khadijah:

“At about seven days that I have been experiencing Child labour, I was worried that it’s about time I deliver of the baby, but instead I began to experience some bleeding.

At day eight, it became more tense that if you were opportune to see me, you would feel that I was gonna die, so a friend of mine came and advice me to visit the hospital where she supposed I had booked for antenatal, but I told her I couldn’t do that because I was financially incapable.

This friend of mine now invited a nurse close to my house to come and assist me, and when she came, she put up some test to know what exactly the problem is. So she gave me an injection to enhance the coming out of the baby and we waited for a while, but nothing happened.

Later, I went to take my shower, and it was inside the bathroom that I began to experience labour pain, and I was compelled to leave the bathroom immediately.

But before I could get to my room, I noticed something fell down off my private part and I shouted at the nurse for help.

So she came to help me inside, and I had to relax. But I was relieved and then asked the nurse, ‘what was that thing that fell off my private part?’ and the nurse replied that from her look, it seem like it is a Bible. Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma trembled at her response, ‘what’! Bible? How? And she said well, it is a Bible. So she brought it to me and we saw it.

I couldn’t believe it if not for blood stain around the nylon it was rapped.

So I was still very much worried and I told the nurse to test me again if there is still sign for me to deliver a baby and not Bible.

Thereafter, we went to my Church to tell the ‘Iya Adua’ that this is what happened. And the pastor known as “Iya-Ijor was dancing. So I was angry at her reactions, and I told her that why dancing? I gave birth to a Bible instead of a baby and you are here dancing>?

So I walked out of her and return home. Immediately I got home, I began to experience pains again, and after all efforts by the nurse to help me deliver a baby, all proved abortive.

And there was a suggestion that we should pray, perhaps recite psalms from the Bible and drink. Not too long, I finally delivered a baby girl. That was how it all happened sir” Words of Mrs. Babalola who was said to have given birth to a Bible at Ila-Orangun.

Now, we requested to see the Bible and she brought it out. Hmmm. Dear respected Ummah whom Allah has given complete brain, my first interest was to see whether this Bible was different from the ones I have been seeing over the years.

Perhaps, I was expecting to see it being name by Jesus or God or something like “God’s own miracle Bible or Heaven given Bible or Jesus approved Bible or Miracle from above Bible. But no! Instead, when myself and Ahi Eneye opened the Bible, it was written in Yoruba Language and it contained  the same Books we have been seeing over the years.

Books like Genesisi, Eksodu, Lefitiku, Numeri, Deuteronomi, Josua, Awon Onidajo, Ruut, Samueli {kini}, Samueli {Keji}, and all the letter of Paul. Allahu Akbar!!!

At this juncture, we cannot conclude whether or not it’s true or false as were not there with her when it happened…

But you know what>? How do you know facts? How do you fish out lies, fabrications from truth? Here is just one of those red lights to show whether or not it is true or not: The Bible was written in Yoruba and was printed as thus:

“The Holy Bible in Yoruba Published as BIBELI MIMO ALAKOLE (Pelu Oro Jesu Ti A Fi Awo Pupa Ko Sile)

In addition to what we read in the preface; “No part of this publication may be reproduced by photocopying or by mechanical or by electronic means or in any other form without print written permission from the publisher.”

Finally, this Bible was printed by “The Bible Society of Nigeria, 18, Wharf Road, P.O. Box 68, Apapa Lagos, NIGERIA.” Tel: 234-1-47743163, 8103747


So, put that into common sense and tell me what you get. Alhamdulilah , once again, the good news is that Allah used us to show her the light of Islam


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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