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SOMETHING I CAN’T STOP By A. lateefah(EkiraDream) and —Aladodo Abdus-Salam

October 5, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

SOMETHING I CAN’T STOP By A. lateefah(EkiraDream) and —Aladodo Abdus-Salam

Ekira Dream

Every morning,
I peep through the window,
From the dark room my father inherited from his progenitor,
To see what my land has become of,
I fret at the sight of the remains of my father’s farm,
The one behind our hut,
The one that clothed our survivals,
Now,a feast for hungry birds.

Every morning,
I wake up to see river flowing with blood,
Winds carrying bones and fleshes,
Soldiers marching with guns in one hand,
Clenching to their stick in another.

Every morning,
I wake up to see mama Arike weeping for the loss of Arike,
Whom ten soldiers raped to death,
I watched her as she waters the land with curses,

What of baba Ajani?
The one who lives on bins,
To see his Ajani travels to the universe _city,
But,Ajani was dragged by his neck to lie on the mattress of war,
And journeys through the tomb-city,

Every morning,
I wake up to see school children,
Walk down the school paths,
The school where they read stains of blood in
their books,
Eat pains and peeves,
I watch the hope of my country drowning in a pool of water,
The hopeless hope of my land,

Every morning,
I wake up to see something I can’t stop, becoming the tradition of my land.


We only wake up
to see the unimaginable
because tails are now heads
and heads, tail.

Slaves are masters
and masters, slave.
bastards now tread
corridors with pride
and concubines draw over
their duvets with smiles.

The Unimaginable,
are things we detest
but cannot stop;
at least, not now.

But one day,
just one day.
The sky will change its hues,
for the night before,
the corrupt ones were wiped.

And on a very bright day
we will all have the cause
to say:
_”There was a country”_

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