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They say ‘aqdu-n-nikaah MUST be contemporaneously accompanied by waleemah, else, the spiritual exercise however sunnatically done, is considered a mere introduction. And that if the husband and the wife go into mating as against the society’s anachronistic jingoism and nauseating sanctimoniousness, they are considered fornicators, and fruits of the womb made out of the consumation are regarded as aolaadu-z-zinaa. Subhaanallaah! Fear Allah!

They say aqdu-n-nikaah MUST be simultaneously done with waleemah, else none of their members (except a camouflaging few whose primary reason for presence is to mock and report the proceedings therein) will attend the occasion, no matter the bossomness of friendship.

They say no member of their society should consider a matrimonial partner from another society. Whoever dares the disgusting practice is declared a societal infidel, and the nikaah of such a person boycotted, albeit attended by acquiscent moles not independent of their thinking.

An orphan-sister once narrated how she was ordered to quit her relationship with a religiously, morally and financially well-to-do brother. Reason – he didnt belong to their fold. “Who is the brother you have for me?” she probed. “Go and discontinue the relationship first!” replied the mentor in whose hands the sister’s life societally hanged.

I wonder why we do these. Why should societal membership be a yardstick for the validity and reliability of marriage proposals? Isnt that tantamount to rejection of the Prophet’s unquestionably divine order requiring us to marry whoever his/her religion and morals are pleasing to us? If the Muhaajiruun could find tranquility in the Ansaar, and they married one another with the Prophet’s blessings, why is ours different? Fear Allah, Mr and Mrs Societists.

Our role model married Aisha staging an aqdu-n-nikaah, after which waleemah followed years after. Who then are you to query the tradition of the infallible Messenger? I just hope that you are still practising the real Islam.

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