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With the world’s perception of them, one can almost say fundamentalist Muslims are on a rollercoaster ride to hell.
Nowadays, any Muslim who avows his espousal of polygamy or homophobic notions is perceived as an ethno-cultural purist donning his otherwise ridiculous and conservative views in heavenly garb. And this perception has led many away from Islam, as Islam is perceived as the cloak under which criminals such as those seeking acrimonious vendetta and patriarchal dominance hide.

It is therefore not surprising that a lot of people are still arch-conservatives as regards their religion, since it could easily be explained, that what they seek is a way to cover their thievery with sanctimony.
What calls for wonder, however, is how there are still millions of women, who willingly remain Muslims, and how westerners whose cultures are naturally evolving and liberal ones, still find it amusing to embrace the restricting decrees of Islam, while they have as basis, no personal (in the case of women) or cultural interest to be served. This fact therefore makes it almost unfathomable to atheists in particular, and Non-Muslims in general why conversion to Islam is still nevertheless on the rise. And as it is the obligation of Muslims to help those in distress, this article explores the various reasons why one would decide to live a life of unrestricted freedom or the one which prevents you from drinking alcohol or nurturing relationships outside of marriage..(Without having run mad, of course)


Why aren’t you Muslim…?

Ask ten atheists this question and I bet, (Yeah, yeah, I know that too is wrong in Islam) that not even Charles Darwin would say: “Because it’s account of creation decries the
(un)established hypothesis, sorry, I mean theory, or law, rather – of evolution.”
The answers given are always born out of emotions, then in order to have a (shaky) underpinning for their disbelief in a book which predicted over a thousand years ago, that the heavens and earth were once a Joined entity, they proffer the theory of evolution.

It is common to have atheists questioning Islamic laws and decrees rather than the concept of Islam and God.
To make it simpler: They disbelieve in God mainly and usually because they have a feeling that according to what their senses preach, a god cannot exist and establish such laws as those propagated by the scriptures, or if he exists, then he is so unjust he isn’t worthy of believing in. Sounds oxymoronic? He might exist, but his actions make his existence unworthy of believing in.

Practical example?

“I don’t believe the earth is round and rotating about an axis, not because the proof is unconvincing, but because it doesn’t make sense to me how a planet would rotate and those on it would not fall.”
An atheist will be quick to call that a myopic and unscientific point of view, but that’s exactly what they choose to do, examine the laws, with their own senses, toss away the supremacy of the one who established the laws, or even his existence, not because they have enough proof he doesn’t, or that they can explain the numerous proofs pointing to his existence, but simply because his laws and decrees do not agree with their senses amidst their intellectual robustness.


And that is the difference.

Muslims examine the proof of God’s existence and the supremacy of Islam first, and when convinced, try to bring those laws to agree with their senses. Unscientific, huh?
Well, When Rutherford conducted the gold foil experiment which serves as a basis for today’s understanding of the basic structure of the atom – his experiment did not make concession with the earlier perceived notion, he chose to restructure the belief in a way that aligned with his own experiments, rather than decry the the existence of the atom or all other things suggested by Thompson. Of course Thompson’s soup model did not agree with his experiments, but what did he do? Knowing that the earlier scientists had a strong basis for their arguments, he restructured his experiment to fit with what had already been proven, rather than start all over again and question even the existence of the atom since it was proposed by these same people who suggested the theories his experiments failed to agree with.

Now, that is why Muslims go on and believe in Allah. Rather than decry the proof of his existence, they mould their senses in a way that fits and makes them understand his decisions as the most shrewd. And the moment you believe in Allah and are ready to understand his laws as perfect and astute in each situation, 

…You see a reason in the restrictions.

Yes, Muslims see a reason behind each restriction. They don’t just believe it is the most shrewd for no reason. Yes, the basis is: You need proof to believe in Allah, he’ll give you that. But you don’t need proof to believe his laws are the most perfect before you believe. (That is, after believing in him) Then after you believe it is, he will guide you to understanding how it is the most perfect.
But a question that still bothers many, even Muslims, is: Why so many restrictions?
Why is God so concerned about our private lives? How does it affect him that I am gay? How? Just how?
How does it affect him that I fornicate? How is it his problem if I eat pork?
Two things help whenever you want to fathom the reason behind so much restrictions.

Quran 2:251:

و لو لا دفع الله الناس بعضهم ب
بعص لفسدت الارض…”

“And if Allah did not check and protect one set of people with another, then the world would have been brimmed with mischief”

Whenever we try to understand how just a law is, we must put in consideration that it is not about us alone, but the whole of humanity. Some have to forsake some desires so that peace may reign. God is not thinking only about us, but for the entire humanity, the whole world, nay, the universe itself!
So, whatever may harm humanity, even if it may sound like a restriction to our personal freedom, Allah makes it forbidden, but in most cases, we forget to think about others, and that is what western liberalism endorses and propagates: The freedom and happiness of individual is given precedence over that of the community in whole, since at they think, if individuals are happy, then the community will be, and thus, humanity.

That is why it is legal to watch porn, despite the negative effect it may have in exposing children to undue sexual relations, such that, they try to explore it themselves, and in a case where the exploration goes wrong, they retire to rape. This is not direct, but it is an example nevertheless.

Islam gives preference to women working in the home and teaching the children rather than working outside. This may sound unfair, but Islam is concerned about the children too, and not just the mothers. No doubt every child would love to have a parent be at home for him or her to share all their problems with, but in the case of a parent who returns from work tired and exhausted, what happens?

Islam makes it compulsory on women to wear the Hijab, and to not travel except with a protector, and as unfair and that may sound to an individual, you have to consider the fact that men have a tendency to be more easily aroused and do want to take a lewd step that may even lead to rape, than women have.


Allowing Polygyny but not polyandry may sound unjust, but women have the tendency to have their sexual desires quenched more easily than men, (If a woman’s sexual desire cannot be quenched by a man, such that it has become unbearable for her, then it is a legal basis for the dissolution of marriage and for her to seek another husband). they have the ability to restrict themselves from being taken over by their arousal than men, and yet, while men are almost always active, there is the period of the woman which restricts Her from having sexual intercourse. And don’t forget, there are more women than men.

Another one that calls for discourse is Islam’s ban on homosexuality.

For an individual, it sounds unjust and meddling of God, but when you remember the fact that one-third of New-Yorkers between 16-22 years now claim to be homosexuals, you will realize how much of a negative effect this will soon have on humanity in general, and familiar relationships in general.

And it goes for men too, why is it compulsory on you to fend and provide for your wives and children? Why you and not your wife? Why did the Prophet single out the mother and say “Jannah lies at her feet?
If one considers the two sides of each restriction placed on humans, you will realize that these laws may sound individually barbaric, but as regards the generality of humanity, No.
But in some cases, we might be unable to fathom the reason, and humanitarian reason is what I mean now – behind some restrictions or decrees, and that is why we have to remember one the most common verses in the Quran: “And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise


The wisdom and knowledge behind his decrees might not yet be vivid to us, but with certainty, it shall plunge into visibility with time.
When the prophet said, over a thousand years ago, that if a fly were to settle on your food, then one should dip it’s right wing into the food, because it’s left wing had a poison whose antidote is in the right wing – it could not yet be understood then, lots of years later, it was medically proven to be true.
It is medically advisable to abstain from eating for a certain number of hours weekly, which could be somewhat shoehorned into the Islamic Monday & Thursday fasting.

These, are not to show that we base our religion on scientific discoveries, but to show how God is All knowing. if we do not fathom the decrees now, they would still come to make sense to us, and how we have to submit to the laws of Allah and perceive it as shrewd, before we examine it with our senses, since no sense could fathom the reason behind the prophet’s ‘dip the right wing in” order when it was first made.
We ask Allah for steadfastness upon our religion, and enough intelligence to understand that our senses cannot judge how right or wrong the actions of its creator are, since it was him who created it, and fashioned it to think the way it thinks, and to see as insensible what he sees as such.



© Lan Rey Hassan

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