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Sincerity By Azeezah Olatunde Pentalks

September 14, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


Can you see me as
I weave each words melodiously
Stressing the tajweed to be perfect.
To please all you passerby.

Can you see me
As my wealth dances to the tune of charity
And my pocket wanna hear you hail me.

Can you see me
I’m an eloquent speaker, a Dai’yah.
Telling each foot to beware of Hell
So my voice will be praised

Can you see me
As I bring spark of neatness to the masjid,
And my voice become friends with adhan
See as righteousness beam in my heart

Can you see
That I brought death upon my soul
While battling swords raised against islam
To be honoured as a martyr,

Why do we seek for the comment and praises of the creations of Allah as our rewards. We muslims tend to fall into this pit, making all our good deeds be for nothing because they lack Ikhlas (sincerity). We avariciously take preference for humans comments and praises and let it bestride our hearts. Hadith one of An Nawawi emphasizes on sincerity in all actions and activities we take in this life.

Also, the purpose of our creation is to please our Creator (Al Khaliq) and not please His creation. Let’s mend our ways and make pleasing Allah be our priority.

Have we not heard of the tales that was narrated in the hadith of the Prophet SAW? The tales of 3 men, A knowledgeable man, A Philanthropist and a Martyr, they were thought by humans to be righteous ones but oblivious to them, these three people aimed at getting commendation, recognition and praises from mankind since “All actions shall be judged according to our intention” They achieved their aim in Dunya and became inhabitants of Hell in Akhirah. This life is too ephemeral to choose to please mankind. We need to renew our intention and always be sincere in our actions.

May Allah forgive our sins and accept our actions as an act of ibadah…Aameen

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