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Sectionalization and Regionalization are as Evil as Hypocrisy – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

October 19, 2018 Articles On Islam News on Islam 0

Firstly,  let me point out that this article is not an attack on any individual, organization, Religion and tribe.

When issues that should be seen as a general problem are shifted or blamed on a particular group of people, Religion, ethnic or tribe, overcoming such issues would be close to being impossible. Let me quickly point out something though this paper is not meant for it because it is another topic on its own.

The actions of terrorist groups such as ISIS, AL-QAEDA are being blamed on Islam. When we blame Islam for the actions of this people, it becomes a Muslim Problem not a World Problem. So, an issue meant to be tackled by over 6 billion people becomes the problem of about just almost 2 billion people. Incessant blaming of Islam for their actions will not just make the terrorists gain the sympathy of some Muslims, it would also ease recruitment of members who would think they are rendering service to a religion. Imagine a world where everyone, Muslims and Non-Muslims cry out and say Islam does not support terrorism and their actions do not represent Islam, this will not just kill the terrorists psychologically, it will also make them have no nerves to affiliate themselves with a particular religion hence making recruitment difficult for them as any prospective member wouldn’t think he’s aiding a particular religion. However, I have not called anyone to stop calling them Islamic terrorists, we can always continue and we can also always see the consequences of our actions.

Equating Islam with the terrorists is harmful to us all, “those types of stereotypes are counterproductive, they are wrong and will lead to greater recruitments into terrorist organizations.” (Barack Obama) 

Now, back to the topic. This is about my country, her president and the Fulani Herdsmen. Many Nigerians are aware of the recent menace caused by “supposed” fulani herdsmen; Killing and kidnapping.

I have read many articles where different people are asking the president to call “HIS PEOPLE” to order. This is totally wrong and highly detrimental. Why should anyone want the president to get to see some people as his people. Is the president country of a not supposed to belong to nobody and belong to everybody?. Had the president referred to some people as his people, the people asking him to call his people to order would be the first to take him up as to why he should regard some people as his people.

It is better to address the issue as a national problem and not a fulani problem. The president should be asked to deal with the criminals, perpetrators of evil, objects of unrest not calling “HIS PEOPLE” to order.

If the president eventually calls his people to order then the Yorubas start killing, would we say “Alaafin, call your people to order” or Alake, or Ooni or Ataoja or what?! At least, this time around, they are not the president’s people.

The pen did not convey my thoughts as I have it this time around, however, I hope I’ve been able to pass a message across. Criminal activities should not be sectionalized or regionalized.


This article was drafted in 2016. Two years after, those who spread hate and propaganda against the Fulanis in their churches, social media accounts have no choice than to choose between two Fulani men. Surprisingly  none of them is refusing to vote, they even campaign for either of the Fulani.


It is very important to identify one’s problems. Their problem is not the Fukanjss but interests. And it doesn’t matter if hate speech and propaganda towards a religion or tribe are employed.


President Buhari and Alh. Atiku Abubakar are Fulani men and muslims. Those who asked people to hate Islam or Fulanis are coming up with another strategy.

May the doers of evil know no peace. Oh Allah! Forgive us and do not punish us with bad leaders. We pray for the best.


(Adapted from an article written in 2016)

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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