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February 12, 2018 Articles On Islam 0

Its about time you go shopping, red shoe, matching bags and belts, red roses, red teddy bears, red wrappers and red themed parties. You need to look stunning and especially appealing in the red dress on Valentine.

Hang on! Take this moment to reflect, what if the red roses eventually lands you into red burning flames? What if the party becomes your free ticket to hell? and what if your life ends on “just one day” of immortality? what will be your fate with the questioning angels of the grave?

Valentine is deeply rooted in history, though of various forms, it has a strong connection with paganism. Therefore you might be at the risk of performing acts synonyms to associating partners with Allah. Leaving that ambiguity aside, the immoral acts that manifest in different shapes and forms are simply enough for you to turn away from the “Love celebration” that brings hatred.

Or what do u call a day with high incidence of rape. A day a large range of people will loose their integrity, modesty and pride! A day of gross disobedience to Allah and the constant warnings of parents and guardian. A day of doom and weather with the awful memories lingering on?

The celebration of Love shouldn’t be stereotyped. Love is something we feel and see everyday. Appreciate all those Allah ‘aza wa jallah has kept your love in their hearts each and everyday. Be merciful, kind and generous to all and sundry. Ability to show love should be manifested continuously, not simply with a day of gifts and months of beating and bullying.
Valentines’ day as it is tagged has bred a strong bond between people and Zina such that it has become normal and the evil waved. Oh beautiful people of Islam! Fear Allah and remember the day of your return. What will be your excuse after you have been warned?

Al-Isra’ 17:32

وَلَا تَقْرَبُوا۟ ٱلزِّنَىٰٓۖ إِنَّهُۥ كَانَ فَٰحِشَةً وَسَآءَ سَبِيلًا

And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.

May Allah save guard us and make us steadfast on his Deen. Aamin.

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