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RICHNESS IN DISGUISE By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

September 11, 2018 Fiqh House Of Salam (HOS) Information Islamic Poems 0



No one is born to be living in destitute.
Some just appeared to be so physically
Higher in rank than the others;
As regards material acquisition
Than those people of their peers.

This does not translate that
Other people are of no class;
For everyone hold the same title
In the sight of our Lord, The Most High;
As we are His slaves and viceregents.


Many look at the facial show
And the material possession;
As the only means of esteem
And the source of affluent life
To live the life of fulfilment.

If they but think and try to know
That Allah does not request for
Material wealth as the means of
Nearness to Him, but those that
Belief and act righteously on earth
And with Piety in their heart, will make it
Among those closer to the Creator
In the rank of the people that attain
The status of righteousness in life
And also among the companions
That will attain the status of high
As a reward for their likely act
That please the Lord of the World.


As everyone’s richness is not sure
Activities of life may seem impure
To some that regards materialism
As the only means of good life
So they think making much wealth
Is the ends in itself for mankind.

Much material acquisition is not an end
In itself for mankind to survive
But one of the many means
Which contribute to easiness
In the life of mankind on earth.


This may work well for those
Who are granted with enough
As a favour from our Lord,
Allah; the All-Provider of Rizq and
The Generous Provider to his
Creature on earth; whom He wills.

Out of these many means
We also find the favour of
Health; which He bestow on many of us;
The servants of Allah of which we are
For those that know many of this
Are much grateful to their Lord
Allah, the Cherisher of the World.
This is shown in their tongue and heart,
Expressing; ‘Alhamdulillah Rabbi l’Aalameen’.


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