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May 10, 2019 Articles On Islam Comparative Religion Education The Reverts' Corner 0

Last series was an eye opening message of salutation to build your zeal on standing firm on the straight path of Islam.
If you missed it, read it here: Message to the Reverts

In this series, you will learn why you have to process the information (knowledge) of Islam to attain the benefit of civilisation.


O Riverts!


Now that you have known and accepted Islam with the information of truth you sought for;

That’s not enough for you as an evidence of practising Muslim, in the Island of pristine information;

Where every knowledge shared are guided by the fact and findings of the Kitab was-Sunnah:


The ‘Kitab’ of Islamic knowledge is the Qur’ān and the ‘Sunnah’ is the (Authentic) Hadith

And this sources of information serves as your divine tools prepared to shield you from life shackles.


Holding tight to the Qur’ān and the Authentic Hadith will enlighten your psyche and purify your heart to attaining regeneration.

Having being regenerated with the pristine info to the straight path of Islam, then you need to learn further to acquire more education.

Know that, your education is very important in becoming a devout believer who represent Islam in knowledge and practice.


As you may know; education is the best legacy, the understanding of which pile up in your psyche as your accumulated knowledge.

The accumulated knowledge and experience may decay if you do not apply the knowledge; by practising it yourself and sharing to the religious researchers and the truth seekers.

The application of the knowledge is very important, as doing that will lighten your heart and enhance your psyche to attain civilisation.


In the next series, you will learn how to apply your knowledge and your revert experience in order to acquire maximum benefit in Islamic propagation.


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