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She fasts as obligatorily done the husband. She wakes early while the husband is still snoring hard.

While still in a state of sleepiness, she proceeds to the kitchen to prepare sahur for the family. Depending on the number of inmates, the cooking takes up to 60 minutes or more to get the delicacy palatably ready. And this she tiringly, stressfully does stretching back and forth within the four walls of the cooking gallery.

In the woman’s passionate albeit strenuous quest to discharge her domestication obligation, she is profusely, unavoidably soaked in sweats. Her entire body rains fluid like gush from a water tap.

While the husband prepares to head to the office for the day’s work, the woman, despite the herculean task she had done begins another episode of her wifely obligations: she prepares the children for school – bath them, brush their teeth and dress them up. As she prepares the kids, she equally gets set for the day’s work if she isn’t home-based.

While the husband returns home salivating for iftar, the wife is thinking of what to cook to make her husband reach his gastronomic peak. Rather than go home to have some rest, she in tiredness heads to the market to buy stuffs. She must get home before her hubby, so she has to give her stay in the market some hastiness. She gets home tired, but she dares not retire to the bed. The kitchen she enters again – standing, sitting, moving and sweating as done in the morning. What a special creature!

Your wife is priceless. Treat her as such. Make her happy as she does same for you.

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