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RAMADAN FOR REVERTS By Sanusi Olawale Ibn AbdulWasiu

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By Sanusi Olawale ibn AbdulWasiu



Muslims around the whole are again on the the same page as they used to be concerning their obedience to the Lord of the worlds. Every Muslim who is conscious of their end submit totally to the injunction of his/her Lord concerning fasting as recorded in the second chapter of the noblest of all books; Al-Qur`an.


Qur’an 2:183 explicitly prescribes fasting for every sane, matured and healthy Muslims. This is always 29 or 30, as guided by the moon, the basic and only recognised mode of calculating months since time immemorial, from the days of Adam, alayhim salam to the era of the last Prophet of the Creator of the world to his creatures; Prophet Muhammad, sallahAllahu alayhim wasalam.


However, as this special month starts, a very large number of the Muslims are already familiar with the normal routines expected during this month. Even at that, there are certain ones who are definitely going to find one or two activities difficult, strange or probably have too many psychological, emotional, financial and spiritual challenges; the reverts.


Allah says  “When there comes the help of Allah and victory”, And you see people entering Allah’s religion in multitudes”, Then celebrate the praise of your Lord and seek His forgiveness, (for) surely He is Oft-returning (to mercy)”. (110 1-3).

So therefore,it is not strange that multiples still embrace islam day in day out amidst various deceits by the Gospel preachers, misrepresentation by few un-islamic and uneducated morons, misinterpretation by unguided fellows, and misconceptions about the religion of Allah among several critics.


For someone who has been used to waking up around 6am,  say the morning prayer, have something to fill the stomach, waking up earlier than that to take sahur may be a little bit difficult though not impossible. Coping with that may take a little while. May Allah help them out.

For new reverts to Islam, observing the first  Ramadan as a Muslim is both energizing and testing. What’s more, the individuals who are encountering their first Ramadan this year have it particularly extreme, when the fasting day can be 14 to 20 hours in length, contingent upon where they live on the planet.

Obviously, a lot of new reverts locate the physical rigors of Ramadan testing, too. It is hard time modifying without nourishment or drink, particularly in the sweltering warmth.


What about the loneliness? Couple the long days with the depression, a few of them feel as they explore another religion, frequently without the help of their loved ones, and the month turns into a genuine trial of confidence.

If you are not in their shoes, you cannot completely understand their problem. May Allah help them out.


Not eating or drinking during the day is easy — it’s the social pressure from non-Muslim friends and family that can be difficult. On this planet we live, once you accept the true preaching of Islam, you’ve bought yourself a ticket of isolation from your family members. They would only wish you safe trip. As if freedom of worship has been removed from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. During Ramadan, that separation becomes even more obvious.



Nevertheless, the following could serve as a spiritual relief of their burdens even though it is only Allah that can help solve their emotional and psychological problems. The following are few among the benefits of fasting that can increase their resilience.


In any case, for what reason do we have to fast? It is our experience that enticements and love for the things of the world tend to ruin our purpose and closeness to our Creator. In this manner we enjoy sustenance constantly, eating and snacking the entire day, making a beeline for weight. We drink excessively coffee, or tea, or carbonated beverages. Some “sexaholics” can not avoid sex unless they do it in any event once or progressively a day. When two or more meet, we leave our conventionality aside and depend on disgusting talk and even physical battling.


When one is fasting, he or she can’t do the greater part of that. He needs to surrender eating and snacking and smoking cigarettes if at all that he does. No steady coffee, tea or Coke drinking either. Sexual interests must be abridged and when he is incited to battle, he says ” I am fasting that I can’t react to your incitement”. To accomplish God cognizance or God proximity, a superior word, we are encouraged to do extra petition and read the Quran.


Let explore some health benefits of fasting too.


Fasting has been utilized by patients for weight administration, to rest the stomach related tract and for bringing down fats. There are numerous unfavorable impacts of aggregate fasting and of crash eats less carbs. Islamic fasting is not the same as such eating regimen designs on the grounds that in Ramadan fasting, there is no hunger or lacking calorie admission. The calorie admission of Muslims during Ramadan is at or somewhat underneath the wholesome prerequisite rules. In expansion, the fasting in Ramadan is deliberately taken and isn’t an endorsed burden from the doctor.


Ramadan is a month of self-direction and self preparing, with the expectation that this preparation will last past the finish of Ramadan. If the lessons picked up amid Ramadan, regardless of whether as far as dietary admission or exemplary nature, are carried on after Ramadan, there impacts will be dependable.


The distinction amongst Ramadan and aggregate fasting is the planning of the sustenance; during Ramadan, we fundamentally miss lunch and take an early breakfast and don’t eat until sunset. Forbearance from water for 8 to 10 hours isn’t really awful for wellbeing and truth be told, it causes grouping of all liquids inside the body, creating slight lack of hydration. The body has its own particular water preservation instrument; truth be told, it has been demonstrated that slight drying out and water protection, in any event in vegetation, enhance their life span.


The physiological impact of fasting incorporates bringing down of glucose, bringing down of cholesterol and bringing down of the systolic pulse. Truth be told, Ramadan fasting would be a perfect proposal for the treatment of mellow to direct, stable, non-insulin diabetes, heftiness, and fundamental hypertension.


There are mental impacts of fasting too. There is a peace and peacefulness for the individuals who fast during the long stretch of Ramadan. Individual antagonistic vibe is at any rate, and the wrongdoing rate diminishes. Muslims accept counsel from the Prophet who stated, “If one slanders you or aggresses against you, say I am fasting.”



This psychological improvement could be related to better stabilization of blood glucose during fasting as hypoglycemia after eating, aggravates behavior changes. There is a beneficial effect of extra prayer at night for those who can try it. This not only helps with better utilization of food but also helps in energy output. Again, we do not do prayers for exercise, but a mild movement of the joints with extra calorie utilization is a better form of exercise. Similarly, recitation of the Quran not only produces a tranquility of heart and mind, but improves the memory.


One of the odd evenings over the most recent 10 days of Ramadan is known as the night of majesty when heavenly attendants drop down, and take supplications to God for acknowledgment.


Fasting is an extraordinary demonstration of piety, obedience and submission which is just amongst people and God since nobody else knows without a doubt if this individual is really fasting. In this manner God says in a hadith qudsi that “Fasting is for Me and I just will compensate it”. In another hadith, the Prophet Mohammad has said “In the event that one doesn’t surrender deceptions in words and activities, God has no need of him surrendering sustenance and drink”


May Allah ease our affairs. Ramadan Kareem!

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