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​Top 20 (Questions) to cook a Christian Brain.

By: Mustafa Muhammed Sahin


Question 1: How do you get a Christian to believe the Old Testament is a Book for Christians?

Answer: Tell them to prove the Trinity in the O.T

Question 2: How do you get a Christian to believe in Carbon Dating?

Answer: Tell them it disproves the Quran

Question 3: If you were the disciple who witnessed the Crucifixion of Jesus would you want him killed or would you try and rescue him from the Cross?

Answer: ???

Question 4: How do you convince the Quran is the Word of God and not Word of Satan?

Answer: Tell them ” You Christians claim the Quran Confirms todays complete Bible by quoting Surah 2:412:97- 3:3, So how can Satan confirm the Bible?

Question 5: If Jesus is God, does Jesus have a Son?

Answer: ???

Question 6: The Father killed his Son on Cross to save you right? So will you push your Son under a moving Car in order to save somebody else’s son. The Bible says be like God. Ephesians 5:1


Question 7: Since Christian God loves unconditionally, does he love Hitler?


Question 8: Why does God send those who he loves to Hell like Hitler.


Question 9: If Christian God can do everything, can he lie?

Answer: Blank

Question 10: If Muslims kill in the name of God, then in whose name does the Disciples send people to Hell and torture them? Mathew 19:28

Answer: ???

Question 11: How do you convince a Christian ISIS also follows the Killings in the Bible.

Answer: Tell the Christians, don’t you say the Quran claims to judge by the Injeel Surah 10:94? Question 12: Insult a Christian by calling him Karinyo (small Dog) if he then tells you his offended.Tell him why Jesus called a Canaanite Women a small Dog in the Bible? Did Jesus offend her?

Answer: ???

Question 13: How do you get a Christians to believe in Atheist or Agnostic Scholarship?

Answer:  Tell them it disproves Islam

Question 14: Ask a Christian if he agrees with that? Is the Bible Old Testament outdated and Barbaric source and has no place in Civil Modern Society? Deuteronomy 25:11-12


Question 15: How can the New Testament be an Authentic Source of Information yet is not in lined with the Old Testaments’ Laws.


Question 16: Christians say the Bible could not have been corrupted because it was Allah who sent it.

Answer: Ok if we accept this, will you the agree Allah is Yahweh?

Question 17: If you want to prove a Christian to be a Hypocrite, swear at him by foul words. Say things like you are a Dog or you are a Bitch…etc. The Christian will then tell you how you are a bad Muslim as soon as he quotes him the foul words used by Yahweh in Deuteronomy 23;2


Question 18: Since the Quran confirms the Bible as a True Book. Is the Quran a True book or a false book?


Question 19: If the Quran approves everything of the Bible. Why do Christians have Apocryphal Collection? So you agree Allah doesn’t approve Everything?


Question 20: Do Christians really deep down believe there is One God instead of Three? I wonder why they would never write SON, FATHER AND SPIRIT but father, son and spirit. Ask them which is the 3rd in the Trinity, they’ll never say it is the Son or the father but only the spirit yet they still claim they are One.


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  1. Abdulhakeem says:

    Noted and they are very critical questions

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