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Politics is the activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government (World Web Dictionary). State is the territory where the affairs of politics takes place, while government is the organisation that regulate the activities and affairs of politics.

Leadership is an act of leading people in the right way and doing all that is required to better the welfare of the followers. Leadership roles calls for more sacrifice, as the leader has to make allowance from his personal time and resource in order to satisfy their followers need. For the betterment in welfare of the followers, a leader is supposed to move closer to their followers so that they can feel and experience what their followers are going through. An official elected to the post of government should do all that’s needed and ensure that the needs of their people comes first in their agenda; as they are elected to represent the masses interest.
Hence, Political Leadership is the act of leading the affairs and activities of a state or country and the masses.


Business Enterprise

A business enterprise is an entity established mainly for the motive of generating return (profit). For business to generate profits, it must have studied the consumers (customers) and know what the customers need and then make their products tailored towards fulfilling the customers needs. That is the example of the country’s present day politics.


The Present Day Leaders

Now that election is here, the political aspirants have begun with their marketing tools to promote themselves to the electorates. Though it’s not likable and enjoyable campaigning for a candidate that refused to take care of the Nation medical sector. Instead, he chose to seek medical treatment from abroad. That is an incompetency on the leader aspect. If a leader cannot lead by sample and feel what the masses are facing in the country, I wonder if such candidate is a good choice for the Nation. No credit to the undutiful leaders.

More also, it’s more disastrous to support someone that think his wealth is a great tools to win the heart of the electorate masses. Only the lazy ones will fall for that trick of stomach infrastructural techniques. It is no doubt that such person after having acquired much wealth that many of the masses do not posses half of it; still crave for more. He actually want to spread his tentacles of wealth acquisition with power and authority. It’s unfortunate that many of the masses still believe that someone who woo other people through wasting wealth can be the best choice to fill the Nation leadership position. We need a managers and resources utilizers in our economy, not the personality that deceive by wasting wealth.


Some people also woke up and think of themselves to be the revolutionary leader the masses want in order to end the messes caused by the old people that keep changing hand, and still landing the country to the state of underdevelopment, while they keep their pocket full of wealth at the expense of the masses that elected them. Those that rose as the agents of better Nation believed themselves to be so, but they refused to work together on common goal. This sign of disunity among them is already a means to know that many (aspiring) leaders of our beloved state are not ready to put good heads together in cooperation.

We hear many youth campaign with promises not different from the ones we are used to. How do we peg the difference in their promises and the old deceivers that sunk the economic wealth for their selfish agendas? No doubt their difference in aim is also a discouraging factor that shows that many of them too crave for their selfish interest and to gain the sweetness of governmental power. The agendas of many of the youths who claimed to be the bringers of positive change is not an apparent one. Many people will only show others the bright side they want them to see when they are dearly in need, but when they get what they crave for, most of them misuse power and authority.


We have those that claimed to be independent electoral committee by their supposed name, but we couldn’t find anything like such when the usual rigging practice is put in place by the corrupt practitioners in the government. Instability become the one of the principles of the National government. Many of those that crave for the political power actually think of politics as an easy means of attaining material status and wealth, just by gaining and winning the utmost support of the populace.


Present Day Politics and Business Enterprises

With the level of deterioration caused to our economy by our political leaders, I feel sympathetic for these people because, they are actually thinking what is being given to them as the position occupied is their rightful enjoyment post, so they use the national resources the way they feel. Many of them do not reflect that they are there to represent many heads, which will count and be added to their actions. It is not funny, our present leaders do not feel any pity by their conscience to remind them of any indecent act.


What most of our current leaders use politics for is likened to business enterprises where competitors (Sellers) try to win customer’s loyalty so that they can be constant consumers of the sellers products. Some competitors offer product while others offer services, the satisfaction the customers derived in the consumption of these competitors will determined if they will go for such sellers the next time they want to consume any product or service.

Unlike business that offer or sell tangible or intangible goods which the customers can still have as the value for their money, politics of our Nation by the politicians is mostly in selling or offering deceitful package to the masses in order to seek their devoted support. With their package one wouldn’t know if they are capable or incapable in the roles they wanted to undertake.
Many show apparently the sign of being the good candidate with their well packaged campaign strategies, but heart cannot be opened for the masses to know the real intention of these power seeking candidates. It’s unfortunate many that happened to be apparently OK physically may be inherently sick and weak spiritually.



The Way Forward

For our Nation to rise, we all need the change of intention. Every citizens and every rightful minded being needs to contribute to the progress of our economy, if we want our Nation to achieve growth and development which will related to reduction in our cost of living and improvement in the citizens standards of living.
We all need to stand up for what is right and forbid any wrong act that mat warrants the deterioration of our beloved country.
We pray the Creator bless our economy. Āmīn



© AbdulKabir A. Yusuf


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