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THE PAIN By Abdullah Al-junayd O

September 3, 2018 Civilization House Of Salam (HOS) Islamic Poems 0



Who will make obedience to flow in our vein?
So the efforts of the Khalifahs will not been in vain.
An unexpounded pain we are feeling,
From infliction of haram dealings.

Words of God, we desert,
Not because we are in desert.
The agony of the pain is profound,
Unpenetrated by the orphans.


We are enigmatic not because of the pain,
But because we failed to follow the sacred ways.
Test of Almighty ,we fail,
Because we are largely weak at faith.

If the reason of the pain is incomprehensible,
How will the solution be decipherable?
As my eyes start to tear,
Allah the gracious, I fear.


We pray to Allah to ease our pain,
and to put our faith on the right lane,
So we may not be among the eternal losers,
But to be among the Jannah dwellers.


© Abdullah Al-Junayd

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