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July 16, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

Hijab is our Pride,

Our identity, Not just a robe or a clothe,

It is an elegant dress which protects our dignity,

And a sign of obedience to Allah.

She was denied the access to her call to bar ceremony,

Because she was putting on the hijab,

Which might have cost her to give up on her dreams,

She was determined and ready to fight for her right until justice prevails,

Her bold step has made it possible for those coming after her,

To use the Hijab at the call to bar ceremony,

Isn’t this a great achievement?,

Hijab is our legal right,

Amasa Firdaus has proven to us that we should never lose our trust in Allah,

She relied on him (Allah) and she was rewarded,

My dear sisters,

Be courageous to fight for your Deen and your right,

Let us be a voice to the voiceless until we’ve found justice.

They said its a secular country,

Why should there be discrimination?,

This isn’t the first time we are being victimized because of our Hijab,

And this won’t be the last,

We are different from the rest because we are Muslimahs,

Barrister Amasa Firdaus is indeed a rare gem,

Under no circumstance should we remove our Hijab,

Remember it is the commandment of Allah and it protects our dignity,

Our Hijab is Priceless, YES! That Hijab we are putting on,

We shouldn’t be denied our rights because we are on Hijab,

We are not terrorist and we shouldn’t be treated as one neither should we be a victim of violence,

No one can stop us from the use of Hijab

We all have a right to freedom of Dressing and Religion,

Barrister Amasa Firdaus : My “HEROINE” of the year.



© Kareemah Oseni ✍

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