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Unity at the cost of our repute in Allah’s sight?

“If the enemies of Allah are waging a war against us muslims, then we ourselves have our feet hooked in tangled coils of disputes amongst ourselves, then how can we defeat the disbelievers? We need to come together despite the disparity and focus on something bigger, because everyone worships Allah the way he understands and Allah sees our intentions”

In recent times, there has been an affluence of seemingly revelatory quotes which spur muslims to uniting in order to be able to defeat the disbelievers, but as patriotic and unfeigned as these calls to unity may sound, before a Muslim hearkens to the call, he has to realise that Islam has set for him limits in all facets of his life.


Unity amongst the muslims is highly prized, but only when the unity is aimed at seeking the pleasure of Allah, and is sought according to the guidance that he revealed.


One would realize that if ever unity is sought for the sake of Allah and his mundane promises and not for worldly gains, then one would not hesitate before pulverizing any relationship, unity or cordiality if by maintaining it, one would be forced to go against the decrees of Allah, for such would lead to his displeasure with us, and thus, the main aim of achieving the pleasure of Allah will be thrust in jeopardy.
Any unity which is achieved by discarding the commandments of Allah is not one which fetches any good either in this world or the hereafter. It is therefore important that while we call to unity, we always consider what guidelines Islam has set, and at what times it becomes compulsory to jettison unity, not for the sake of diversity, but in order to please Allah, for that, and not the unity itself is our main aim.

One must therefore be wary of what underpinnings he has as propellant for his call to unity, because if your main aim is all but seeking Allah’s pleasure then you wouldn’t hesitate to stick to the guidelines which he has set, because failure to do so would mean seeking his anger even before the unity (with which we want to seek his pleasure) is achieved, and when, -if, the unity is eventually achieved, it would be devoid of Allah’s blessing and the aim of seeking his pleasure would be blown off since the unity was never in the first instance aimed at pleasing Allah, for it were, the decrees of Allah would have been followed strictly en route to the unity.


For our unity to be blessed then, it must align with Islamic conditions and guidelines; one of which would be treated below.

Unity Must Not Hinder Anyone From Warning Justly.

Unity, when achieved with the aim of seeking Allah’s pleasure will not hinder anyone from warning anyone with creedal errors and erroneous beliefs, even if this will lead to heterogeneity and division after unity has been achieved.
This is because unity in itself is not the end, but only a mean to the end, which really is: Allah’s pleasure.
Surah 3:110
“كنتم خير امة اخرجة ل الناس تأمرون ب المعروف و تنهون عن المنكر…. ”
In this verse, Allah clearly states that the Ummah of Muhammad is the best of all. The reason…?


تأمرون ب المعروف و تنهون عن المنكر.
“You order people to do good, and warm them from bad”
If Allah unequivocally dubbs us the best of mankind because we “order good and curb bad” and not because we are united, then it should be clear enough that when there is need for one to step down for the other, then we should not hesitate before throwing unity down the pecking order in order to retain that attribute which makes us the best of mankind.


Boundless espousal and uncensored romance with one another’s ideas and ideologies cannot be homogenized with these attributes that make us the best of mankind, and when we drop that which Allah says make us better than the whole of mankind just for unity, then such unity would be mere political unity, and not Islamic, for what we want to attain with unity is Allah’s pleasure. If then we drop that which makes us the best of Ummah in the sight of Allah, then what can be more important for us to embrace?
Meaningful unity must not hinder proper rejoinders when someone nurses an erroneous belief and remains obstinate about it, and this ‘law’ encompasses all aspects of our lives including friendship.


How rueful it is then, that we are waking up to daily calls to hearken and follow a path which gives preference to unity over that which Allah says has made us the best of humankind. Never should we sell our “Calling to good, and warning against bad”, which make us the best of ummah, even if this would be at the cost of unity.
What is the essence of unity when we have stopped being the best of Ummah?


What is compulsory on us is to strive to go by the means, we will never be questioned as to whether or not we get to the end. It is wrong to leave those upon what contradicts the Hadeeth and Qur’an and excuse ourselves by claiming their intentions might be good. Allah said “…and order against bad deeds” not just bad intentions, but bad deeds. Whether or not the intention is good does not concern us. Good intentions do not make a wrong methodology right, do not embrace lepers in your unquenchable hunger for unity.

Lan Rey Hassan

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