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Looking at the way we practise our Islam ever since, nothing seems to change, in us and in the society where we live. We have indeed lost and need to be redirected. But this can only be done when we understand the two halves of Islam practised by the Prophet that make a complete Islam.

During the Meccan period, the Qur’an explained to man the secret of his existence and the secret of the universe surrounding him. It told him who he is, where he has come from, for what purpose, where he will go in the end, who brought him from nonexistence into being, to Whom he will return, and what his final disposition will be.

It also informed him concerning the nature of the things which he can touch and see and the things which he can sense and conceive but which he cannot see, who created and administers this marvellous universe, who alternates night and day, and Who renovates and varies things. In short, the period was used to implant faith in the minds of Muslims who are to establish the religion of Islam and prepare them ahead for a great task they are to be involved in that has to do with their lives. So, the Meccan Islam of the Prophet dealt with only one question and that is, the question of faith

The Quran made this question the only subject of his message during the Meccan Period and never discussed other subsidiary. These subsidiaries were not mentioned until matter pertaining to faith had been explained fully and had entered into the heads of that selected group of people who are to establish Allah’s religion and were to give it a practical form.

The Prophet migrated to Medina when the syllabus on Tawheed (faith) completed. He went to Medina to put things he had learnt and thought his companions into practice since Islam is not a theory, based on assumptions; rather a way of life, working with reality.

It was in Medina he unified the Arabian Peninsula and established a great state where all people were equal. He became stronger in Medina, politically and economically and did not isolate himself from the society because that society was what he came to reform.

In Mecca, Muslims were not autonomous nor did they have any influence in the society. Their practical life had not taken a permanent form so that they could have organised themselves. They were taught only belief. Later when an autonomous state came into existence in Medina general laws were revealed and Islam began to spread across the world and take its practical form.

These are the two halves that make a complete Islam. The Islam of Tawheed in Mecca and the socio-political Islam in Medina. The Tawheed part is to prepare us for societal challenges, to serve as defence against evil we may encounter during the course of Islamic struggle.

This is what Muslims need to understand about Islam. Tawheed is not the actual goal and we must not make it our final objective. When we are being trained on faith, we are preparing ourselves for a societal work which is our main goal because the society can never be reformed when Islam is not well established in us.

So, Muslims need to change their method and work towards how Islam will be well established. Prophet Muhammad only spent 13 years on his call to Tawheed. After that, he ventured on changing the structured of the world.

So we need to ask ourselves which types of Prophetic Islam are we practising because nothing has changed in us? It seems we have lost our path.

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